5-Steps To Creating an Environment for Yes

5-Steps To Creating an Environment for Yes

We are born #curious and excited about life. Along the way, adults can become resigned. Inside, we are desperate to say, Yes to all of our yearnings and #desires.

This article is primarily for those who struggle to easily create more of the lifestyle that enlivens self and those around you. This is not a quick fix, rather, it is an enquiry into what is possible. 

Over 90% of the objective reality we experience is a resultant of subconscious programming. The bad news is that you can not put a sticky note in the areas you frequent most as a fix. The good news is that there are two specific times your subconscious can be programmed as well as a ritualistic practice we will get into later that is highly effective 99.9% of the time for those who apply it appropriately.

If you are gagging to experience undulating, exponential, compounding #abundance in your relationships, wealth, and overall life fulfilment, you may want to put into practice a few things listed in this article. Said a different way, are you ready to say YES to more wealth? Deeper, more purposeful relationships and connections in your life? Greater #fulfilment and purposeful creation? If YES, to even one of these, you owe it to yourself to share this article with others because the more you create this as an opportunity for your environment, the more it expands for you.

What YES Opens For You 

Have you ever been concerned or apprehensive about asking for a raise or a #promotion at work? Have you ever been tasked with doing direct marketing or calling a customer to ask for more business or calling a prospect to ask for their business? Have you ever been in a situation where your affections for someone inspired you to ask them on a date but the fear of rejection 

Have you ever experienced rejection?

caused you to pause? Have you ever been presented with a life-time opportunity to go on or experience an #adventure and the fear of the unknown stopped you? Perhaps you have been in a deep and meaningful conversation with someone you care for and respect and they said something that revealed an aspect of yourself you were not comfortable to expose or talk about… 

Saying yes is not merely jumping into something blindly (although you can). Saying YES is a state of being where you acknowledge your providence and divinity for the inheritance of your every desire that causes you and those around you to #thrive. Let’s say it again. YES is a choice and a state of Being.

When I am walking my dog late at night, I am never concerned. I have every confidence in my safety. The first reason is because of my own experience and larger than average frame. The second is my dog is a 70-kg Cane Corso with huge teeth. When you are being YES to your possibility, there are no obstacles because your energy creates an environment of that which you focus on.

When is YES most Optimal?

The best time to Be YES is always now because the past is a contrived vapour and tomorrow is beyond the ether of imagination. Imagine if you only had now to Be. Would you ask for the raise, be bold to proposition a date with the one you have an affinity with? If you knew you could only and always be victorious, wouldn’t it be natural to launch out into the unknown BEcause of your courage and unshakeable faith? There may have been times in your life when you forgot about giving your word to something, even to yourself. Rather than chastising yourself, allow now to be the moment when you take a massive step towards your bliss. Are you hearing how this is applicable to all aspects of your life? This is especially relevant to your health and wellbeing. How many times have you promised to exercise or to eat a certain way only to slip a bit? Now is the perfect time to honour your word and reestablish your decision on who you are being.


Your conscious mind learns creatively through reading and experiencing things in the moment. As new content is rehearsed it becomes embedded. Again, your subconscious mind is responsible for over 90% of the objective reality you experience. This is because you can only create the story you are living. You can only see that which is inside you. As an example, if you had an experience in your formative years where you decided you are unlovable, it may be challenging for you to maintain relationships because you are always trying to prove subconsciously that you are not worth being loved. The process to reprogram your mind is simple and is as easy as the process of conditioning your body through fitness.

  1. Acknowledge Who You Have Been;

    GPS works because it is able to triangulate your position based upon satellites. If a GPS is not able to determine where it is, it is impossible for it to provide directions on where you want to go. Tell the truth about your current situation. Look at the current reality of your life and decide what you would like to create. Remember, you are everything so it doesn’t have to be the ‘one-thing;’ You can start out with a few experiences and check them off as you go along. 

  2. Possibility That Enlivens;

    What if you could only Be prosperous and every step poured forth abundance? Who would you be Being? What is an experience that would enliven you? Is it a spectacular holiday or having the most profound relationship that exceeded your dreams? Do you know why it is that one? What is the experience or thing that you think about that no matter what state you are in, it brings a smile to your face? This is where we will focus. Couple in a passionate kiss

  3. Strategy and Tactics;

    A foundational truth is you are divine. That which you have thought and or dreamed about is already yours because you are all things without beginning or end. This is a universal law that can not be changed or undone regardless of your belief system. It is similar to gravity. It doesn’t matter if you believe in gravity or not. It still has an effect on you. Your subconscious can be directly programmed when your brain is in a theta frequency. It is when you are just falling asleep and when you are just waking up. It is the space between being awake and asleep. This state can also be achieved through hypnotherapy. When you are in theta, it is appropriate to listen to guided meditation ‘commands’ along with 538hz music.

    The second way to influence your subconscious is through ritualistic repetition. The action must always be accompanied by intense, purposeful emotion. An example is when you started learning to ride a bicycle. Learning to balance and keep the front wheel heading in the direction you wanted to go, whilst pedalling was challenging at first. As you persevered, the thinking of the act left your conscious mind and was stored in your subconscious. Create rituals that put you in a state of always Being and creating that which you wish to bring into your objective reality.

  4. Sharing;

    The more you share the possibility of your abundance with others in such a way that they see an opportunity for themselves, the more it becomes an experience for your life. Imagine you are in a town that does not have broadband and the computer games you play require broadband. If you want to play with someone other than yourself, it would be natural for you to start sharing with others around you about the benefits of securing broadband. Sharing is a critical part of manifestation. A flower does not propagate until a bee or a bird comes along to partake of its pollen and then share that with other pants. Your ‘bloom’ happens the more you share with others in a way that is it an opportunity for their life.

  5. Celebration;

    As you embody your objective possibility, you want to celebrate it. This act opens the gateway for even more abundance to flow. For Love to expand, there is a requisite of giving and receiving. As you celebrate even more the vascular pathways open to allow an even greater volume of life-thriving blood, which is the fluid of abundance.


Your body is not only a toe or an arm or just your head. Your body is a system and symphony of systems thriving together in harmony and Love. In the same way, every person you encounter is not other. ‘They’ are a reflection of you. Everything you perceive is a frequency of you. As you start to accept this more and more as the truth for your life, you will start to experience an awakening and curiosity in how all things manifest in realtime before your eyes. There is nothing too big or small. You can manifest the relationship of your dreams today. You can do anything and everything when you sink into your divinity and support ‘others’ (yourself) to Be the same. 


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