Best first date ever

One day I happened across this particular dating website that said you could get “reimbursed for the time and effort it takes to prepare for a date.” I was curious about the men I might meet this way.


However, I became quite disheartened by most of the men’s attitudes and words even just in their profiles. They were rude and said things like “you should push away from the dinner table.” I was just about to close my account when I received a very polite and articulate message from a man with a very nice smile. I had read that women offer $100-$300, so I offered $150. He countered with $100, so I thought “He’s paying, so if he’d like to spend $100 on our date—that’s fine with me.” He asked if I wanted to go to a particular concert and I loved that idea. I texted that I’d really like to hear his voice over the phone before we meet. He said that really impressed him because no other woman on that site preferred to make a connection before the first meeting. He asked where I’d like to have dinner and I found a place of a cuisine I’d not yet had and the restaurant was within walking distance. I was enthused that he cared for my input.


He suggested 6 pm and I was there on time. He texted that he apologized that he was running late and I said, no problem. I took that time to research Yelp reviews to help him choose his meal after he arrived. I was still so excited to meet him. I was wearing a beautiful black and blue dress with black boots up to my knees. He rounded the corner—oh my goodness! He was wearing a baseball cap and a hoodie sweatshirt. I thought, OK, I’ll not judge him on his clothing choice—which was a great decision because other men at the punk rock concert were dressed like this too!


We had a really good conversation—he was warm, smart and open to sharing who he was. He said he wasn’t looking for a long-term relationship but he said he is open to it. He was so honest, authentic, and present that I felt really connected to him. He took my hand when we walked down the street. I felt safe and really good about being with him. I felt so appreciated. He was acknowledging my intelligence and my beauty in a very genuine manner. It felt good to just be myself. At the concert, he took my hand and guided me through the crowd. I felt very well cared for and it felt so good to be feminine. He had such a way of bringing out the best in me because of his own confidence and how he responded to me.


The concert started. It was so thrilling! The light show, the music—and I was taking lots of photos as I was getting many ideas for my art. Some people judge me for that, but he said: “I’m not here to change you; you just do what makes you happy.” That felt really good to hear. He was very observant and considerate of my needs all evening. During the first drum solo, he started to rub my neck and back—it was a very intimate and organic moment. At one point, I turned and we kissed. We smiled. It was so nice.


Earlier I told him of pain from an injury and he said to let him know if I wanted to sit down that he’d get us a place to sit. It was so great to feel so respected. After the concert, he told me that he didn’t want the night to end. I suggested we go to a nearby bar to decompress from that amazing concert. He let me pick the place and we were happily cuddling. To my surprise, he brought $100 cash out. I was stunned! I thought the quoted $100 was what he would spend for the tickets and dinner. I told him I don’t want his money, that we could use it for our next date—like having fun shopping for clothes instead. He was very surprised by my reaction because from his understanding men pay women to go on a date. We both smiled.


While I met a nice fellow and had a wonderful experience on that date, I don’t recommend that dating site. While it felt good to know he was paying for dinner and concert tickets, it just felt odd to be offered cash for going on a date!

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