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  • I let my gay friend take over my Tinder account…

    I let my gay friend take over my Tinder account…

    It started as a joke about allowing my friend to set up a Tinder date for me, but then after giving it more thought… why not? Maybe I’m choosing the wrong men and someone else might have better judgment than I do. I put my life into the hands of my gay friend! My friend […]

  • Dancing, the love key

    Dancing, the love key

    The first time he asked me to dance, my heart pounded faster, my eyes got bigger, and my dance steps got all tangled. Is it be possible that someone’s energy on the dance floor could have that big of an influence on me? Was it the dance that caused us to get closer and find […]

  • Best first date ever

    Best first date ever

    One day I happened across this particular dating website that said you could get “reimbursed for the time and effort it takes to prepare for a date.” I was curious about the men I might meet this way.   However, I became quite disheartened by most of the men’s attitudes and words even just in […]