Dancing into a Relationship

Dancing into a Relationship

Can dancing be the answer to finding a new partner? Here’s what you need to know…


Dancing is like a relationship where you have fun, learn to trust,
boundaries, non-verbal communication and learning to depend on each other.
Moreover, you create desire and strong connection.


Dancing is one of the most natural and sexiest movements for our
body and at the same time offers a lot of benefit. Dancing allows you to meet
lot of people, exercise, have fun, create natural connections and sensual moods
without trying hard. So why not to take the advantage of this when you are in
the process of finding the right person and sway your way to the dance floor.
Here are few tips to remember when you want to start.


Start with a song’s beat. Find the life pulse of a song. So many
people forget about this and just blindly learn steps but truly, without the
beat, you will never be a desirable dancer and finding connections on the dance
floor would be really difficult. Many people fear that they do not understand
many steps on the dance floor but as long as you know your beat you will be
good to go with just couple steps.


Learn your basic steps. You can take group classes or you can
hire a dance instructor. In classes, you will meet lot of people and naturally
make connections with people in the group. Make your basics really strong
before you move to combinations. You can easily go to the clubs with just the
basics and have a great time. I know it might feel intimidating to be in the
middle of the club where it feels like a lot of people know what they are doing
but remember that everyone started somewhere and they understand your struggle.


Partner dancing offers a natural way of expressing masculine and
feminine energy and it is great foundation for relationship. Masculine energy
is express by leading, making choices and setting directions. Feminine energy on
the other hand is expressed by being intuitive, patients, and receptive.
Signals that feel good and enjoying the dance will bond you as couple. The
chemistry on the dance floor is so strong that many relationships starts on the
dance floor and is starts with a simple line “May I dance with you?”


The dance floor also offers an opportunity to flirt without
pressure. Well, despite the fact that you are already touching, the strongest
way and safest way is eye contact. It is simple like that; there is nothing
more powerful than your eye contact and smile. If you need a stronger element,
try to whisper to your partner’s ear: You are a great dancer”


By dancing, you are creating desire, bond, comfort and
attraction. But the most important piece is to trust, same as in any
relationship, you have to be able to be vulnerable enough to trust and stop
doing everything by yourself.


Shall we dance?

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