Dancing, the love key

dancing love key

The first time he asked me to dance, my heart pounded faster, my eyes got bigger, and my dance steps got all tangled. Is it be possible that someone’s energy on the dance floor could have that big of an influence on me? Was it the dance that caused us to get closer and find the chemistry between us? My love for dancing, like a key, may have just opened doors to feeling more emotions I didnt know I had. 


I love dancing, and I’ve danced since I was six years old. When I first started to explore dancing, I didn’t expect that dancing was going to teach me such important lessons about feeling comfortable with myself, feminine and masculine energy, and trusting men again. After many breakups, I wasn’t sure if I would be capable of finding love again… until I picked up on a new dancing style that I hadn’t learned before.


Here are a few things that I’ve learned from this experience and what love key you can open the right doors with when it comes to dating.


Feeling comfortable

Learning basic steps in the dance studio was easy; I love to move my body to the rhythm of the music. But being comfortable going on the real dance floor was another challenge. My doubts took over because everyone looked like dancing pros to me. I started to question myself: am I ready to dance again? My desire to dance was strong, and I had no other option than to just give it my best shot. It was at that moment that he asked me to dance: this tall, handsome guy with advanced moves. I felt very intimidated, but I couldn’t let my fear to take over; my heart wanted to dance, dance with him.


The love key here is exactly like this dancing process: belief in yourself, don’t be afraid to accept your little flaws,  and always give new experiences a try.

Feminine energy

Now that I’d allowed myself to try this new experience, I had to face another challenge: accepting my vulnerability and showing my feminine side. After all, on the dance floor, only one person can be the leader, and it wasn’t me. I love being in control and making my own decisions, but when it comes to dancing I knew that he was the leader.

The moment he held me in his strong arms, I took a deep breath and let go of my discomfort. I embraced my feminine side. All of a sudden, I felt good; I felt beautiful and confident because I allowed him to lead our dance. I started to question myself: where had my feminine energy been hidden all this time, and why I didn’t I use it more often? It felt good to let him lead, to let go of my strict control for a little while and just enjoy the moment.


The love key here is to connect with your feminine energy and allow a man to take the lead sometimes. Many of us focus so much on being in control and being independent that we end up putting up these walls that a man never has any chance of breaking through. Embracing your feminine energy is more empowering than you think.


Masculine energy

The whole process wasn’t only about me; it was also about him. I learned that his energy was as important as my energy. He had to have a lot of courage to ask me to dance. When men center themselves and find their own energy, it makes a really big difference on the dance floor. I knew he could lead me through any dance moves because his masculine energy was so strong. He was confident and self-assured, which in turn made me feel confident that I could follow his lead and everything would be fine. Two strangers moving to the rhythm, their bodies in motion, reacting to each other… To me, it wasn’t only a dance: it was love.  


The love key here is to open up and respect the other person. Allow both of your energies to be present and grow together in a relationship. Always be welcoming and accepting of each other.



This was the final test for me. I had to trust him because all the turns and advanced moves required that I depend on his lead.  I realized that I had to find the strength to trust him, or I might end up dancing solo.  More importantly, I didn’t want to lose the moment, and I didn’t want the dance to end. All I could do was be present at the moment, feel every step and trust that he would know which step would come next.  


The love key here is to believe again that there are men out there who will guide you in the right direction.  At the same time,  allow yourself to trust them. We’ve all been heartbroken before,  but going into a new relationship without trust is like dancing with a man while looking for an escape route off the floor.



The most important part of the whole process was to keep having fun.  I was having flirting, smiling, and just feeling good. When you finally relax and allow yourself to have fun, you feel amazing and experience the excitement and your own inner power. My dance partner and I looked into each other’s eyes, and he shared the most amazing smile with me. We didn’t talk, we didn’t know anything about each other, but we felt an incredible connection.


The love key here is to remember to have fun. We sometimes get so focused while dating that we forget to have a good time and enjoy every moment of the experience. After all, it’s an exciting process to get to know someone new.


The final love key is: “Always love the way you move through life, and the love you have been looking for will show up at the right time.”


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