Deep Connection With 6 Senses

Hongi as a demonstration of deep, purposeful connection

In school, we learn that human beings have sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell as the senses by which we navigate our world. Rarely, do we discuss our #sixthsense which has been described as our intuition, our #spiritual connection, our soul and or our #knowing.

Humanity is a singular organism connected to all things. It is not primary, higher or below anything. We are all #connected in the same way that your body has multiple systems collaborating together in #harmony and Love for the benefit of the whole. 

In this article, we will explore ideas and questions that may lead to your having deeper, more fulfilling, lasting and uplifting connections with everyone in your life. Before looking at the purpose and path to deep purposeful connections, let’s dispense with the limitations that prevent you from #thriving.


  1. It takes time to trust or open myself or be vulnerable;
    This is a lie. The truth is you have historically chosen a pattern to resist being in alignment with Source out of fear. You know you are in flow with #Source when you are experiencing joy (not the same as happiness), contentment, Love and purpose. When you are in flow, there is no fear, apprehension, or urgency. As you a guided by Souce, you experience a profound certainty and knowing.  
  2. See it to believe it;
    The biggest challenge with this ideology is it is the absence of faith. Your attraction strategy and capacity to experience Love is a decision, in the same way, being fearful is a decision.Faith is the predominance of Love You saw something and made it mean something else. Faith is the acceptance of truth as indicated from Source without evidence from the traditional 5-senses. Since you are so much more than the ‘evidence’ of your 5-sense, it is both prudent and logical to leverage #faith in your relationships. 
  3. If he would only do or say this, then I would know he love me;
    Women tend to treat men as if they are hairy women. Men and Women think completely differently and relate to the world with a different filter. Just because someone doesn’t say or behave in a particular way, doesn’t mean they do not love you. How many times did your parents treat you in a way that you did not appreciate, yet when you examined it, you could see how that was their way of #communicating Love. 
  4. I am flawed because ____________________;
    This is the biggest lie society has to offer. Without you being flawed, how could they sell more than half of the products marketed? This is especially relevant for relationships. There is nothing inherently wrong with you. You are perfectly designed, have value that has nothing to do with what you produce and you matter. When you expand your identity to everything, you can start to experience the greatness of what you truly are. 
  5. I was raped or some other thing happened to me;
    While what happened in the past was horrible, unconscionable and unacceptable, that event does not define you. It is not happening now. The gift you are to the planet means in this present moment, you are able to create something so beautiful and miraculous. It can not be generated by anyone other than you because of your experiences. Your true nature, your DNA and origin is Love. Love has a way of washing away all things and creating something unrecognisable from the past and brand new. If we live long enough, there will always be something ‘unpleasant’ that happens. You have the power to reframe it and use it to #inspire others (yourself).

Maybe you have several more myths (lies) you are dealing with. The biggest challenge with a lie is when you want to get to a more desirable place in life, you can’t because you have not addressed the foundation or starting point of where you are at. Without that acknowledgement, it impacts everywhere else you say you want to go or Be.



After addressing survival needs, humans start to ask the fundamental question of Who am I and Why am I here? It drives everything. Thankfully, the answer is all around us. Every religious faith speaks of a divine spirit or guidance. Through quantum physics, we understand this #energy is within us and is what moves us. Essentially, all that is known and unknown is the same thing. We, You are all the same organism. As humans, we are usually unaware of our #connection to everything. Many live a lie that they are lonely or separate. It is not your fault if you have ever felt that. Society is currently not designed to lead you on the path.

You do not need a guru or spiritual leader to show you how to be awakened. You only need to listen to your intuition. The question is now HOW to be enlightened but rather, accepting that you already are. When you see trees and flowers and everything else in nature, none of it complains about where they are or wish they could be something else. They just thrive to their maximum capacity with all that is available. What if you were to decide that you are perfectly designed and that all of the desires of your heart are available to you now? What if you accepted that your main purpose in life was to curiously expand in Love forever? How could this impact your relationships? What would happen if you inspired others to come from a similar perspective? Would that make a difference to your environment?Deep purposeful connection as demonstrated by a loving embrace -



You are already connected to everything. Your belief in this is not relevant. It is the same with gravity. You can decide you do not believe in gravity and it will still impact you. One of the beauties of #UniversalLaw is its consistency. 

You have been programmed to think and behave a certain way for most of your life. To start to see everyone and everything as another vibration or frequency of you can be frightening. Imagine if you could start to see everyone and thing as you. What would be the opportunity with the relationships you have in your life. When you start to see your significant other as you, how much more will you Love them? When was the last time you bumped your toe and did not stop to rub out the throbbing pain? Everyone and everything is you. It is impossible to perceive anything other than what is #inside you. 

Because the ingredients of ‘you’ is Love, it is appropriate for you to start taking Love as a measurement for how to navigate and thrive in life. Always ask the question, What would Love do? How would Love behave? What is the most Loving way to feel? What is the most loving way to think? How can I #BE more Loving in this #present moment? It may take time to condition your perspective and it can happen through practice. 


You are made of Love. To condition this way of being, start a daily #meditation practice. Consume content that will remind you of your greatness. Spend time with people who align you with Source. Always ask questions from the context of Love. Without this as your foundation, any and all relationships you may seek to cultivate are doomed from the beginning. 

See your partner with Love. Listen to them from Love. Feel them with admiration and #appreciation. Taste them from a sense of #decadence. Enjoy their aroma, especially when infused with natures essential oils. Mostly, you will want to #intuitively experience the reflection of Love they are towards you. 

A relationship is an explosion, dance and growth of Love. When you are ready to deepen your existing relationship or find a new one, contact me for a chat in confidence.

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