She dumped me three times but…

I met her at biology class, in 2014, when I started community college. I was instantly hooked on to her but at that time she had a boyfriend. However, we became good friends and we supported each other during studies When she transferred to a different school later, she broke up with the boyfriend but I was curious if she would go out with me. She instantly said, “No, you are too good of a friend.” I was heartbroken but we remained friends and I still had my hopes.A couple of months later I asked her again – and she said: “Let me think about it.” She insisted that we meet in future but again she told me ‘sorry you are a good friend and it won’t work out.’


However, she wanted to remain a friend and be my school buddy; she was writing a thesis and was always seeking practical help. Her project was to study bugs that lived only in certain rivers; so I helped her dig into the riverbed to look for them and it was really messy work. Often we lost track of where we were and how far deep we had gone from the shoreline.


One day, we were stuck in an isolated land of mass and we didn’t notice that the river had started to rise – we walked through the water but she didn’t swim. The waves were forceful and she was losing her balance. So I jumped in and helped carry her to the shore. A couple of weeks later she asked for help in a new project. This time I walked into the river bed and alone and got stuck in the mud. I told her not to be alarmed or panic. Slowly I pulled myself out of the sinking soil and found my way out; she had tears in her eyes. That night we talked a lot.


After these adventures, I asked her for a date, hoping the third time I would be lucky. She said ok and was willing to give it a try. We went on one date. That turned up to be the only date I went out with her. After the night ended, I stayed at her place on a couch; the following morning I left but she called me saying, “You know, I don’t think this will work out. I gave it a try, but it will not work out.’ I couldn’t believe it, my heart was broken for the third time. I stopped talking to her because I knew that she did not have the same love for me.


To my surprise, a few months later she called me and I didn’t pick up the phone at first.  She called again. I picked up but I told her I’m busy at that moment. Later, she called me in the middle of the night and she asked me to come at 3 am to her apartment. I didn’t know what to think of it. We talked a lot but nothing happened.

The morning I was going to leave, she said, ‘I actually, can’t stop thinking about you.’ I didn’t know what to think, I was at a loss for words. I wondered what she wanted. She said, “I think because you didn’t talk to me for so long, I missed our interaction.” That night I kissed her for the first time…. I was shocked by all the circumstances. But now we are happily together 4 years later… I already told her, she will be the mother of my children.


She gets embarrassed all the time about this story, … But I knew what I wanted HER

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