Life lesson: Why am I 63 years old and single?

Do not repeat my mistakes…

learn from my life lesson!


I’ve never been married. I have met a lot of fabulous women over the years. I’ve met all the significant women in my life mostly from friends of friends. This is the best way to meet a good woman. All the women I met were obsessed with getting married and I didn’t know why. Women would get all wrapped up around me, but they didn’t have own life. I wished they would have their own interests and I could become part of their life. It wasn’t a good sign. I wanted someone stronger. They tried every trick they could think of – pregnancy, bribery, emotions… but I declined. I’ll tell you why: I didn’t have the guts to tell them that I was promiscuous and I couldn’t give them what they wanted. What is my life lesson?

I respect other men who are able to tell a woman that they are not a right fit for each other.


This has changed. I don’t know why. I’m trying to find the right partner for me and I’m serious about it. I’m 63 years old and looking for the right woman. I’m not looking for a perfect woman:

I’m looking for communication, loyalty, and humor.

Once, I had a relationship with a woman while I had a lot of money and I lost my money but the woman stayed. It was very impressive. Loyalty is very important to me. I regret deeply that I didn’t marry her, but we are still friends. I suffered and I was stupid. Now I know that it’s my time now. I’m prepared.


Dating is difficult because everyone is wrapped up in their computers like zombies. I want to enjoy life. It doesn’t take much. I met five or six women for dates recently, and there was one I liked. I’m very shy. I never had the guts to ask her out for a second date. I just had a feeling that she would reject me. I didn’t take action. If she were to say no, I would shoot myself. I think I lost her. I would be flattered if she would ask me out.

I learned from my dating experiences that I didn’t want to live lies. You need to know yourself and I was coming face to face with myself. I didn’t think I did something wrong. What is my life lesson?

I learned that you have to stick with who you are.




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