Online dating – Who Should Take the First Step?

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Online dating has changed a lot of the natural behavior. It seems like men and women do not know how to engage with each other anymore.

When it comes to online dating, a lot of men are waiting for women to take the first step and a lot of women are waiting for men to take the first step. The consequence to this is that there are no steps being taken and we are all missing out on opportunities to meet someone special.

Who should take the first step when it comes to online dating you ask?

My answer is always men. I love to see men making the initial move when it comes to dating. Many people would argue that stereotypes are a thing of the past and in modern times gender roles are not the wave. Women, who do take the first step show more masculine energy. In this case, taking charge of the situation, they naturally would push men into bringing out more of their feminine side. To switch roles and power could feel great at the beginning. However, as her masculine traits grow it can also dwindle her man’s masculinity and confidence which could also result in feeling inferior to his woman. So I say this, men, allow a woman to be a woman, take charge, and ask her out. It is that simple.

Approach of Modern Dating Sites

A few months back I joined a commonly used dating site and realized that about 80% of the men would not take the first step, even if we had matched. I was puzzled by this because becoming a match indicated that we were both interested in each other and in the online dating world that eliminates the wonder of interest. So I decided to ask the company representative if they had any statistics on why men won’t message first. I got an answer. In today’s society, it’s all about killing gender stereotypes and that playing hard to get is not a modern approach. I was startled that the new age dating world is forcing women to behave as a man should. This approach leads to more confusion, break ups and the single people online repeating the cycle. 

What kind of person do you want in your life?

For all the men

Think about it for a moment, what kind of woman do you desire? Someone who is feminine or someone more masculine energy? If you have your answer, act accordingly.

For all the women

Love and enhance your feminine energy, even if it means that you will never meet him. What is the point in meeting a man who doesn’t put in the effort and the right energy into meeting you? Who wants to meet a man who does not act as such? What kind of man do you desire? Don’t settle for less.

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