Looking for your Queenbee?

Looking for your Queenbee?

Are you wondering why you can’t find her, even if you are socializing a lot with a group of friends? Maybe one of your female friends will have a cute friend that can introduce you or if you hang out with females other women will be more interested to get to know you?


First of all, ask yourself: what kind of queen bee are you looking for? Identify her qualities, how she would behave in a social environment – “Is she sophisticated, classy, talkative, or fun to be around?” Make the list of your own queen bee and identify her with all the qualities she should have. Do you have that image in your mind? Now look at your female friends — who you go out with, and their beehive — are you in with them? Are those bees similar to the image of your bee queen? If not, then the truth is that this beehive won’t ever naturally attract any bee queen that you are seeking because those bees will only naturally attract those that are similar to their own relative beehive.


Recently, I was introduced to a man who is currently single and looking for his queenbee. He introduced me to his beehive. When I looked at all of them, what I saw was a hive of great party friends.  They love to party with alcohol.  They are usually the centers of attention at bars, and are overall bees that possess a lot of energy around them. Yes, it is fun and entertaining to be part of that group.  However, he is looking for the exact opposite type of queen bee.  This particular beehive won’t ever bring in that special bee that will fit his criteria. The natural process of meeting a ‘bee’ through your friends, who could potentially become your bee queen, won’t ever work here because the bees of that particular beehive will only attract the same bees.  


What should you be looking for?

Find a bee that has the same characteristics as your desired, future queen bee. This can be a wife or girlfriend of one of your friends.  It may even be a girl that you know really well but are not interested in.  Find a beehive that might potentially have the very attractive bees that you are looking for or one that can naturally attract similar bees. If that kind of bee is in a social environment, she will naturally draw the attention of the kinds of bees that you want to attract. Taking a bee to the social place has a strong advantage because you gain natural social status from other bees also within that place. Just make sure that the other bees know that you two don’t belong to each other; they are watching. Still, remember that the same bees attract the same bees. You attract what you are, so choose carefully.

What do bees and women have in common?

Why did I choose to describe bees? Because women behave like them. There is always a queen bee in the group that all the other women look up to. There are always helper bees who will follow the queen everywhere. If you want to attract, convince, or influence the whole group, you need to convince the queen bee about your potential idea, and she will do the work for you in convincing the rest of the group to follow suit. How do you recognize the queen bee? She is usually very confident and very observing of her bees – a decision maker. When she decides that it is time to go, then every single bee in her beehive will follow. Be careful, however, because queen bees are really hard to get to, you need to have a lot of charm, confidence, and wit in order to be able to get closer to the queen. Challenging? Maybe! Worth the try? Absolutely! Who doesn’t like sweet honey!?


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