Unusual Lover

Unusual Lover

This lady wasn’t really my dream girl, she was just a random girl I met and I didn’t think of her much at first. But as soon as we started to go out, we realized that we shared many things of mutual interest including an emotional attraction. When I look back, I just can’t describe what was so interesting about her in a few words. She was a good lover but she had a phobia of people touching her. I couldn’t hold her hand, I couldn’t sit next to her, and I couldn’t kiss her. She allowed me to touch her when we were intimate, but of course, I had to wait; it was a long time before she agreed to take her clothes off. When she was naked, she was eager to make love. She was extremely seductive and encouraged me to touch and kiss her all over body. She was kind of strange because she appeared to be a prude and a cold fish with her clothes on, but in the darkness of the bed room, she was one wild girl. And there were more surprises waiting for me…


Our relationship grew and we started to date intensively. But soon I became very suspicious; she never ever took me to her place and only wanted to meet me at my place. When I dropped her at her place, she actually never entered the house, she never turned the lights on, she stayed at the porch… ..I had no idea where she went

Later on I learned that she was homeless and she used this abandoned house porch as her shelter. It was a real shock to me and I instantly felt sorry for her. She was trying to hide her tragic life and was afraid that if she told me about her situation, it would turn me off. Well, despite of all this our relationship grew and things started to happen fast. So, I allowed her to stay a couple nights in my house every week but soon she moved herself in. However,  I got to the point, where I couldn’t support both of us, I didn’t have the finances.


I decided had to get out of the situation, I couldn’t ask her to move away; everytime I discussed about her getting a job and her own place, she would argue with me and of course I let the subject drop. I was now under her influence; she essentially controlled me. Later I decided to disappear. I rented a RV and went away for couple weeks. I told my landlord to tell her that I had moved away and she needed to take all her belongings and move, or she would have to start paying the rent. I later changed my phone number, so she couldn’t reach me. I’ve never contacted her. I felt terrible about the way I left her; she had no place to live but yet when I was nice to her, she started to take control and I could not handle that..deep down I realized that I still loved her.

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