Want Romance? It Requires a Human Touch

Want Romance?  It Requires a Human Touch


The Problem:  Many men are heading towards a lonely, virtual life.  They can connect all over the world but cannot seem to connect with real women.  They don’t know how to be socially included in anything. Most men feel unappreciated and rejected by women but don’t understand why.  Learning how to break the ice to take the first step to speak to a woman is key to being able to develop a romance. It’s a basic rudimentary skill that you can develop. This will not only help you find more dates, but will also enable you to make more friends. In addition, it will help you perform better during job interviews and networking events.


The Obstacle to Overcome: It is hard for men to hear that this problem is not with women, but themselves.  No one likes to hear that it is their fault. Denial prevents people from overcoming their issues.  

Change needs to come from within the person. First step is to accept responsibility and acknowledge the need for improvement.  The most important step to overcoming this obstacle is to identify your pain point, grow, and appreciate your own improvement.


When you are dating, it’s natural to feel nervous and awkward.  It’s comes with the process of making a connection.  Feelings are a natural, nervous part of the process, you should embrace it. If you don’t have any butterflies in your stomach then you don’t care enough. Many men would say, that feelings sabotage their success with women but the truth is that when you feel something it means you are alive.


Speaking to people is a critical skill in life.  It is not just necessary in dating, but in life. To do so, you need to develop a new set of skills.  It’s an easy skill to learn and anyone can do it, even if they are an introvert, it just requires you to take on the challenge and make some personal changes.


The Solution:  Lucie from Luvidya, dating coach and matchmaker, in Northern California, and she says this problem is common to many people.  One of her clients she helped with this problem said, “Things started to change for me when Lucie taught me how to develop friendships with females.  We conducted a lot of role-playing exercises to establish eye contact. Certain eye signals I had never seen before and Lucie helped me to recognize them and become comfortable looking at a woman in the eyes.  At first, it felt uncomfortable doing this but then things got easier for me as I practiced them.”

With Lucie’s guidance, her client’s online dating become easier.  Today, he has quite a large social circle and can’t keep up with all of the women he meets.  He still considers himself an introvert but now has the right balance to use his skill to communicate with a woman.  He put in a lot of hard work and it has paid off handsomely.

The bottom line is that men can learn how to improve their dating life, to have more women, and make more meaningful connections.  All it takes is learning how to be able to improve your conversational skills and have increased confidence.



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