What a Big Lie!

What a Big Lie!

He didn’t want to live a big lie, but…

when I met him, he didn’t even know what was holding him down. He seemed ok to me but down inside, there was a pain, no life, no purpose. He told his friends and family that he was ok and life was just a little harder right now. He shared with me “What a big lie for others!” He was single and hadn’t had a partner for a while. Nobody to hold him in their arms and tell him, “I love you,” the one thing that he wanted to hear most for a very long time. He felt empty …

He struggled with his weight and his eating habits. Friends didn’t invite him out anymore. Long ago, he had started refusing to go out because he was ashamed of how he looked and of his lack of social skills. He lost most of his friends. He didn’t know how to change it…

It was hard for him to wake up in the morning and go to work. He had mastered his work, but he felt like a monkey repeating every step over and over again. He didn’t feel he had any worth… what was his purpose?

The feeling of emptiness was holding him down and he didn’t know how to change it. The feeling was stronger than him but he knew he needed to make big changes. He wanted to feel alive again!


That is when our paths crossed.

I asked him to name one thing that makes him happy! He wasn’t able to answer that. I asked him to think about his childhood and name three things that he enjoyed as a little boy. He said, “Cars. Because they were able to go really fast when I was with my friends.” He said chasing girls because they would scream and chase him back. And finally, that he loved riding his bike around the town. His whole face lit up when he was describing all these memories. He felt really good … so, I asked him, “where is that happy boy now?” “He died inside me.”

“Let’s find him again! Every day is very precious and you shouldn’t just waste your time feeling miserable every day. There are so many opportunities waiting for you! Good laughs with friends, chasing girls, bike riding, racing cars and many, many others. Let’s make the best out of your life and start living again.


Don’t let the depression take over your life. You are an amazing person!


Let the good things take over, and get excited again about your life! Start with focusing on your good health and you will experience a spiral of good things that come your way. Let’s sign up for car racing classes.  Join a gym and put all of your energy there to find your power again. Find a new buddy to push you forward and go out to places where people are! Wink at a few girls and enjoy their giggles. Buy a new bike and hit the town again. All of these small things will make you start feeling alive again. Take a small step every day toward doing more and find things that make you feel happy every day; even if it is a just a smile from a friend. Make plans, so that you can look forward to something. Step by step, you will feel better and better every day.  The happiness we are all looking for is hidden inside of each of us. Let it shine. Let it fly free.



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