When it comes to women…

I got married very young to the girl of my dreams, but due to health issues my life took an unusual turn and I ended up being single. I don’t want to go into specific details but all those circumstances helped me to to learn a lot about myself.  

I started to wonder who I  was and what my purpose was in life. I realized that life was not always easy and was full of surprises- sometimes nasty. A deep look into my own subconsciousness made me realize that bad luck had fallen on me and only I could get myself out of the rut. I slowly started to rebuild my self-esteem and confidence.


This rebuilding process was not a one-shot deal but a long painful path with its ups and downs. Finally, I was at the top again and regained my desire to live and love. I started to help others who had gone through a similar experience. This desire to help others also was self-healing for me as I felt good about helping others. I also realized that when it comes to women, listening is a great skill to have. The world does not revolve around me and I have learned to accept others with all their positives and negatives.


This type of self-evaluation has made me a better person, reliable partner, and a great lover. I have learned that I have to invest in a conversation with a woman not just intrude her with my life’s nuances. I have come to realize that it is NOT important to have an end game but one needs to develop an honest and trusting relationship.


I have now started to date beautiful women with great personalities and even though I do not have the handsome features of Hollywood celebs, I think women like me because of my honesty and sincerity. At this stage in my life, i prefer decent communication and a loving partnership. I like to feel that I am genuine and authentic. I am a strong believer that it is not always beauty that is the key to attraction- deep down, everyone has good things which are more important to some women.


Unlike the past, I have changed my approach with women. If I like someone, I am no longer afraid to ask. But modern online dating is not for me- it gives an illusion that everyone is perfect when in reality it is just the keyboard being used to change the personality every day. I prefer real-time dating where you know your faults and are prepared to accept others as they are. While I do not have any particular specifics about the women I like to date, I am attracted to women who have a sense of humor, like to laugh, and someone who is not afraid to fall in love.


Falling in love is a great feeling- it is an exhilarating experience with its ups and downs- but I prefer that to being single.

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