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  • Why Don’t Men Approach Me?

    Why Don’t Men Approach Me?

    Are you a single woman wondering why men don’t approach you? You’re definitely not alone in this struggle. Many women are facing the challenge of finding the right partner or even just getting some attention. And it can be frustrating when it feels like you’re invisible as if no one notices you at all. But,…

  • How to find a partner who wants to be in a relationship

    How to find a partner who wants to be in a relationship

    Many of us long for companionship, yet to find a partner can be a daunting task. As a matchmaker and dating coach, I am often asked the question: “how and where do I find someone who wants a relationship?”. Interestingly enough, this query pops up from both men and women. So, let’s delve into the…

  • How to Meet Men

    How to Meet Men

    While men are usually asking where to meet women, a lot of women are wondering how to meet men. As a dating coach who helps men and women alike, I would love to give you my perspective on how to meet men. But before I do, I would love to address an important thing that…