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Hidden Love: 140 Thoughts And Questions You Should Ask Yourself About Dating

As single people, we are driven to find love. However, our efforts don’t always result in a successful relationship. Our failed attempts can cause us to despair. How can we move forward and find the love we’re all searching for? This book can help set you on the right dating track. It focuses on seven important areas: working through the Confusion that you may be feeling when you start your dating journey; embracing your Uniqueness and finding what sets you apart from others; using Reason to give yourself a dating reality check; discovering the Confidence needed to attract others; expressing your Vulnerability to forge deeper connections; allowing Acceptance of yourself and others; and lastly, celebrating the Love that is shared between partners.


No matter where you are on your dating journey, it might be time to evaluate and ask important questions. This is not a heavy read but rather a reflective workbook that will help you to self-address your dating needs. 


Increase your dating opportunities and find deeper connections!