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  • What Women Want – Myth vs. Reality

    What Women Want – Myth vs. Reality

    Many of my clients ask me, “What do women want?” It always brings a big smile to my face because they expect the answer to be complicated. The desire behind this loaded question is to find a meaningful relationship and stop spinning the wheel with unsuccessful connections. But what is the secret? And how hard […]

  • Where to meet women?

    Where to meet women?

    Where to meet women? This topic might be so clear to some and yet very confusing to others. This article is written for anyone who needs a couple of ideas about where to meet women. If you are reading this, I know that this has been a challenge in your life, and there is no […]

  • #Metoo and Dating

    #Metoo and Dating

    If you are not familiar with the #metoo movement, here is a quick overview. In 2017, this movement began to bring awareness to the prevalence of the sexual harassment and assault of women. This movement quickly gained popularity when women online shared the metoo hashtag along with their own stories of sexual harassment and assault. […]