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From Palo Alto, this charming client thrives on positive energy and the company of others. She’s a natural host who loves bringing people together over delicious food and exciting adventures. Known as the life of the party, she brings a contagious enthusiasm wherever she goes.

 Work and Life:

This accomplished event planner thrives on creating connections, a skill that shines in both her professional and personal life. As a proud mom of two grown children, she’s gracefully embraced the “empty nest” phase. This newfound freedom has fueled her wanderlust, leading her to purchase a new home in Spain! A social butterfly at heart, she cherishes her close circle of friends and enjoys spending quality time with them.


A woman of diverse passions, our client thrives on enriching experiences. Whether it’s savoring exquisite wines at a tasting or whipping up a gourmet meal as a self-proclaimed foodie, she embraces life’s adventures with gusto.  A true explorer at heart, she enjoys traveling and discovering new cultures, but her love for adventure extends far beyond the airport. From invigorating hikes and bike rides to mastering a new sport like tennis, golf, pickleball, or horseback riding, she’s always up for an active challenge (as long as there’s good company!). Even a relaxing swim becomes an experience when shared with loved ones.  For her, quality time is the cornerstone of every activity, making every moment a treasure.


Our client thrives in relationships built on open communication and mutual respect.  She seeks a partner who shares her desire to be an active participant in each other’s lives, while also cherishing the independence that allows both partners to pursue their passions and goals.  This balance between connection and individuality is key for her.  Open-minded and easygoing, she embraces new experiences and welcomes people from all walks of life.  Her curiosity extends beyond the surface, as she finds deep meaning in connecting with those who have captivating stories to share.  For her, a partner isn’t just a companion, but a fellow adventurer on life’s journey, someone who enriches her world with their unique perspective and experiences.

She Is Looking For:

Naturally drawn to intelligent and successful men who inspire and challenge her.  However, she doesn’t seek someone who defines himself solely by his achievements.  She values a partner who maintains a vibrant life outside of their relationship, someone who possesses his own passions and pursuits.  This independence is attractive to her, as it fosters mutual respect and growth.  The ideal partner will be someone who can keep up with her energy and zest for life.  She thrives in a relationship where shared adventures, both social and physical, are a cornerstone.  Imagine exploring new culinary delights together, savoring the flavors of a Michelin-starred restaurant one night, and then whipping up a fun, exotic dish at home the next.  Traveling the world and discovering hidden gems together would be a dream come true for her.

Beyond shared experiences, our client seeks a partner who understands the importance of quality time.  “Quality time” is one of her core love languages, and she longs for someone who cherishes moments of deep connection.  This could be anything from a quiet evening spent enjoying a stimulating conversation by the fireplace to an afternoon spent picnicking in a scenic park.  She appreciates a partner who can bring lightheartedness and joy into her life, someone who makes her laugh and smile, even on the most ordinary days.

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