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A French-American epicurean is on the lookout for a kindred spirit to explore and savor the unfolding chapters of life together. 

Our Client:

This strikingly handsome gentleman (5’9″, athletic build) exudes confidence as he welcomes a new phase of life. French by birth, he now calls Mill Valley his primary home since 2021. His eyes, a mesmerizing blend of green and hazel, beam with warmth beneath his dark, salt-and-pepper hair. His generous heart effortlessly wins people over. 

 Work and Life:

More than a venture capitalist, he is a seeker of life’s true wealth. His dual master’s degrees in financial engineering and law are testaments to his sharp intellect. He embodies the “work hard, play hard” ethos, valuing health and striving for a balanced relationship. He dreams of a companion who shares his zest for adventure and spontaneity—be it basking in the sun at a chateau in Burgundy, discovering wineries, or embarking on impromptu diving adventures in Taha’a, surrounded by stunning beauty and sea turtles.  


His curiosities span neuroscience, biotech, psychology, and the science of longevity. A global explorer, he relishes immersing in diverse cultures, from the shores of Singapore to the landscapes of Senegal and beyond. Culinary adventures excite him too, with cherished experiences like savoring the timeless Montrachet paired with innovative banana-peanut butter pancakes, topped with caviar at his favored San Francisco haunt, Angler. Fitness is key; he keeps in shape with mixed martial arts. Above all, his heart is devoted to cherishing time with his children, and fostering their growth with unconditional love.  


He’s a man of depth, valuing more than intellectual pursuits and business triumphs. His ideal partner will share his worldview and be eager to nurture a mutually enriching bond. His loyalty and family values are unwavering, and he hopes to find a woman who resonates with these ideals and is open to the joy of expanding their family in the future. 

He Is Looking For:

A woman in her 30s to early 40s, who radiates a blend of elegance and intelligence with a natural, spontaneous flair. Her smile is a reflection of her inner joy, and her heart is open to the discovery of true companionship. She understands the essence of life and is prepared to embrace its ebbs and flows. Appreciative of life’s luxuries, she equally values profound conversation, cultural connectivity, and the warmth of laughter in a shared life.

Think this might be your or your friend? Let’s open the door to new possibilities. Share your information with us – there are no fees to meet our clients.

Think this might be you or your friend? Let’s open the door to new possibilities. Share your information with us – there are no fees to meet our clients.

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