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Our Client:

Our client was Born in the Midwest but spent nearly two decades living and working across Europe, his fluency in German was a constant asset during his adventures. Now, back in Palo Alto, he’s channeling his adventurous spirit into building the next big thing in Silicon Valley. A dedicated bike enthusiast, he values balance and seeks a partner who shares his zest for life and dreams of building a family together. He is tall, athletic, and ready to settle down with the right person. 

Work and Life:

Spending 15 years living and working across Europe deepened his passion for technology and led him to co-found a successful AI startup. A natural strategist and builder, he is also deeply invested in his community, serving on the board of a local non-profit. Now, with his sights set on family life, our client is restoring his second home in Los Angeles, seeking a partner who shares his love for adventure, learning, and building a meaningful life together.


He loves conquering mountain trails on his bike, soaking up the vibrant atmosphere of new restaurants, and staying active with fitness classes. When he’s not pushing his limits, he devours historical fiction novels and documentaries that open his mind to new perspectives. His work fuels his passion for making a positive impact on the world, and he is actively involved in his community to ensure everyone feels the warmth of belonging.


He appreciates deep conversations that delve into the heart of things. A skilled listener and articulate communicator. He understands how to create a safe space for vulnerability and shared growth. He envisions a relationship built on trust, respect, and genuine connection. His kind heart radiates warmth, ever seeking to connect and uplift those around him.

He Is Looking For:

He seeks a partner in his 30s who is intellectually curious and enjoys engaging in conversations. Someone who is grounded and authentic, with a warm heart and a zest for life. He values an active lifestyle and enjoys exploring both physical and spiritual pursuits with a compatible partner. Ideally, she shares his passion for personal growth and has her own goals and dreams she’s pursuing. He’s attracted to women who are confident, funny, and communicative, and he appreciates someone who will challenge him to think outside the box and open his mind to new perspectives. Ultimately, he seeks a genuine connection with a woman who shares his values to have a family. 


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