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Our Client:

With a strong Christian foundation and a heart that overflows with kindness, this captivating woman from Greenbrae is ready to meet her special someone. Her laughter rings like wind chimes, and her warm brown eyes sparkle with warmth. Her caring spirit shines through everything she does and she is ready for the next chapter in her life.

Work and Life:

She loves being surrounded by her Oregon family, the legacy of a life filled with kid’s laughter. For years, she’s been Cupid’s whisperer herself, weaving love stories for others. Now, her own happily ever after awaits. With friends in tow, she’s a culinary explorer, always on the hunt for the city’s next hidden gem. She enjoys exploring wineries and appreciates a good glass of well-balanced Pinot Noir, a perfect pairing for her infectious joy. Loyalty and genuine connection are her non-negotiables, the cornerstones of her vibrant circle. This woman, with a heart as open, is ready to share her laughter and warmth with someone who can keep up.


Sturdy boots and a restless spirit take her on daily explorations. The world is her open map, her passport a collection of stamps marking conquered experiences and unearthed gems. From the roar of the stadium to the quiet satisfaction of a solo run, sports are her pulse. But it’s loyalty, laughter, and love that fill her calendar when surrounded by friends and family, with every birthday, game night, and gathering adding another thread to the tapestry of her relationships.


Loyalty is her core. She invests fully in every connection, pouring her heart and time into those she cares about. Fleeting moments hold little appeal; it’s the shared experiences, the echoes of laughter in familiar kitchens and the secrets whispered in the warmth of friendship, that truly matter. She seeks conversations with substance, genuine connections that go beyond the surface. Accountability, honesty, and teamwork are her guiding principles, evident in everything she does.

She Is Looking For

A warm smile, crinkling eyes, and a laugh that’s hard to resist – he finds joy in the everyday. Whether cheering at a game or sharing a quiet stroll hand-in-hand, he makes the most of life’s moments. Trustworthy and loyal and his word is his bond. He’s looking for someone who shares his appreciation for life’s little treasures and enjoys deep conversations. Emotionally grounded and ready for the next chapter, he’s eager to build a life filled with laughter, shared adventures, and maybe even the occasional sporting event. Are you the one to join her on this journey?

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