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Our Client: 

This East Bay resident is a successful professional who balances her adventurous spirit with a love for exploring the area’s culinary and art scene. Charming, intelligent, and fit, she embodies a zest for life. She values quality time with her children, family and friends. She is looking for someone who shares her independence and emotional availability. Together, they can embark on exciting adventures and create lasting memories.

Work and Life:

Through hard work, she’s built a successful career and now enjoys the rewards of her dedication. In her work, she’s passionate about making a difference through various causes. A proud mom, she cherishes the close bond she shares with her grown children. Despite their age, they still enjoy spending quality time together, a testament to the strong family unit they’ve built. Family remains a top priority, and they make a conscious effort to spend time together regularly. Additionally, she’s contemplating the possibility of a vacation home and is currently exploring different options.


Despite her demanding schedule, she still finds time to indulge her passions. Exploring the vibrant music scene in various venues, biking with friends, and soaking up the beauty of the ocean and beaches are all part of her active lifestyle. She’s also a dedicated foodie, always on the lookout for the Bay Area’s hidden culinary gems. She also loves immersing herself in the art that San Francisco has to offer.

Her perfect Saturday? A leisurely pancake breakfast followed by some quality time. She enjoys catching up with friends over dinner or exploring the vibrant farmers’ markets.  Of course, no weekend is complete without some outdoor adventure – a hike or a bike ride are perfect ways to end the day.  


Loyalty and compassion are at the core of her character. She prioritizes putting others first and giving generously of her time and support. Open communication and quality time are essential ingredients in a fulfilling relationship for her.  She values a healthy lifestyle and seeks a partner who shares that commitment. Truly exceptional listening skills allow her to pay close attention to her partner’s needs and desires. She believes in a balanced relationship, built on mutual respect, compromise, and clear communication.

She Is Looking For:

She seeks a partner who understands that relationships are two-way streams. Emotional availability, open communication, and a willingness to face challenges together are all crucial qualities she values in her relationship. Quality time is essential, and she’d love to explore exciting adventures with someone who shares her adventurous spirit.  Success is important, but so is the ability to balance it with the joy of life.  She’s looking for someone who wants to create lasting memories and have fun together. Open to dating within the Bay Area, she’s excited to connect with someone who shares her values and outlook on life.              


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