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A chivalrous gentleman with a twinkle in his eye and a heart of gold seeks a kind companion to share laughter and sunsets. 

Our Client:

This golden-year-old gentleman, with a twinkle in his eyes and a heart full of warmth, is ready to welcome the right woman into his Tiburon home. A proud grandfather, he cherishes family and values tradition, believing in both chivalrous kindness and open communication. His generous spirit overflows – you’d find him lending a hand or sharing a smile wherever good is needed. 

Work and Life:

With his sales manager days behind him, he’s embarked on a new chapter filled with purpose and connection. Spiritually grounded and intuitively insightful, he’s a patient listener and easy companion. Passion fuels his life, whether it’s chasing joy, embracing love, or simply sharing a warm smile. As a devoted grandfather, he takes pride in being a positive influence in people’s lives. His leadership skills, honed in the business world, translate seamlessly into his personal life, making him a supportive partner and confidante. He firmly believes in the strength and grace of women, holding a deep appreciation for their unique perspectives and contributions to the world.


His passport, a weathered testament to a life rich in exploration, whispers tales of faraway lands. Each adventure has etched stories onto his soul, stories he weaves with wit and warmth over steaming cups of coffee at his favorite local haunt. He also loves water adventures, whether gliding across a shimmering lake or chasing the golden glow of a sunset cruise, he finds solace and inspiration in the ocean’s embrace. He finds joy in engaging in conversations and he is a patient listener. You can often find him appreciating the velvet curtain rising on an opera, and embracing life’s finer moments. A dapper gentleman who relishes the art of dressing for the occasion and savoring the magic of shared experiences.


Beyond the bookshelves whispering wisdom and business successes, lies a man with depths that run beyond the surface. He seeks a partner who shares his vision, weaving a life tapestry from shared dreams. With unwavering loyalty as his compass and family values as his guiding light.

He Is Looking For:

With a caring heart and sharp intellect, this empathetic soul seeks a partner to embrace life’s adventures hand-in-hand. Emotionally open and ready for love, they yearn for a connection that deepens with each passing year. For them, family and connection are a cornerstone of their being. They crave someone who shares their zest for life and understands that every moment matters.

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