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Our Client:

Our client was born in San Francisco but currently lives in Marin. She enjoys life with laughter, kindness, and a positive outlook. She enjoys adventures, being active, and cherishes close connections with friends and family.

 Work and Life:

A multifaceted professional and devoted mother, balancing a demanding career in marketing, she thrives in dynamic environments. Her strategic mind and problem-solving skills, coupled with her business acumen, make her a natural supporter. But beyond the professional realm, she’s a woman who values human connection and intellectual stimulation. Her two beautiful children are her greatest source of joy and pride. She cherishes their bond and dreams of building a beautiful family with someone who shares her values and aspirations.


Beyond the demands of her work, she thrives on exploring local hiking trails and fostering genuine connections with friends over a glass of wine at a local winery. Her love for the outdoors extends beyond Napa to exploring new adventures, whether it is ziplining through the trees or venturing out on a weekend getaway. But her adventurous spirit doesn’t stop there. She enjoys cozy nights with a good book, spending quality time shopping with her daughters, and catching up on the latest movies. Her appreciation for both the excitement of new experiences and the comfort of familiar routines reflects a well-rounded personality.


Open to new experiences and allowing things to unfold naturally, she’s happy to consider relocation or remain open to what life presents. Her positive outlook on life is evident in her willingness to explore possibilities and adapt to change. Loyalty and open communication are paramount in her relationships. She values respectful conversations, where genuine curiosity and a shared appreciation for honest dialogue foster deep connection. Community and belonging are important aspects of her life. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a priority for her, and she seeks someone who shares this value and prioritizes taking care of themselves.

She Is Looking For:

Our client is looking for a confident and well-rounded individual who complements their life journey. Someone who is balanced by a genuine love for leisure and downtime. They’re not afraid to mix things up; they can be the life of the party, socializing with friends and enjoying nights out, and equally enjoy cozy evenings at home, savoring a delicious meal. This balanced approach to life reflects their ability to find enjoyment in both the vibrant and serene aspects of life. Their sense of humor is another captivating facet of their personality. They bring a lightheartedness and playful energy to their interactions, adding joy and fun to everyday moments. They desire a partner who can offer a different perspective, challenge them to grow, and complement their strengths in ways they haven’t yet experienced.

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