10 Steps to Succeed on a First Date


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Clothing makes a big difference especially on a first date.  Moreover, people are more successful if they put effort into dressing well. It naturally shows your intentions that you invest in yourself and your date.


Are you kissable? This includes your scent and cleanliness. The truth is, a lot of people are very sensitive to those things. Plus, your chances to get a goodnight kiss increases when you smell irresistibly good.


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Would you agree that hugs are the best? Why waste an opportunity to hug on a first date? It shows your confidence . It will certainly make the other person feel good.


Share your goals and successes. Without bragging, do share in a way that it shows your dedication and passion. Don’t overthink this. Share things about your success; maybe a big project you worked on that made you proud. Don’t forget to ask about your date’s goals and strengths.


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Your date loves hiking and you were hiking just last week exploring one of the best trails with friends? Finding common ground is a great way to understand each other and make a strong connection.


I understand that your date is nervous as much as you are. Smile, be honest and have fun. Did you know that feeling nervous has the same roots as feeling excited?


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Find out about your date. Ask open-ended questions that show you’re interested. Remember the golden rule: if you listen, you might learn something new.


You don’t have to overshare information about yourself on the first date; there is much more to come. Make your date feel curious about you and want to see you again.


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Create a relaxed energy between you both and laugh together. Tell an interesting story with a twist. Use some gentle teasing or flirtation.


Set the mood for next time! Tell your date that you had a great time. Give another hug and don’t forget to express that you would like to see him/her again.

Share your success and your stories with me!

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