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  • Discover What’s Holding You Back from Finding Love 

    Discover What’s Holding You Back from Finding Love 

    Do you consider yourself a good catch? And yet don’t know what is holding you back from finding love? Is single status just not fun anymore? I created a list of the three most common reasons why you haven’t found your partner yet.  Your checklist You have been searching for too long and perhaps it…

  • The Five Love Languages

    The Five Love Languages

    Do you know how to express love with the five love languages? The Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman is a book designed to help you explore love in more depth and discover what you need to feel appreciated when it comes to your relationships. This guide to self-discovery teaches you how to be a…

  • How to Meet Men

    How to Meet Men

    While men are usually asking where to meet women, a lot of women are wondering how to meet men. As a dating coach who helps men and women alike, I would love to give you my perspective on how to meet men. But before I do, I would love to address an important thing that…