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  • How to Meet Men

    How to Meet Men

    While men are usually asking where to meet women, a lot of women are wondering how to meet men. As a dating coach who helps men and women alike, I would love to give you my perspective on how to meet men. But before I do, I would love to address an important thing that […]

  • The Relationship Happiness Myth

    The Relationship Happiness Myth

    Happiness Myth Introduction: Right from the time when we were kids, we would fantasize about our futures and how bright they would be. We would utilize the power of our young, wild imaginations, which had no barriers, to dream of a perfect life— a life with a stunningly beautiful partner, adorable kids, tremendous career achievements, […]

  • 3 most common areas of dating confidence

    3 most common areas of dating confidence

    How can one lose dating confidence? Confidence can be easily lost in many ways. It may come from a difficult experience, such as a breakup or the loss of a job. It could also be caused by negative self-talk, criticism from others, and comparison to others. When we compare ourselves to unrealistic expectations that are […]