3-Steps To Drive Him Wild

3 Steps to Drive Him Wild

We are going to uncover the most effective way of being for you to drive your man wild. Have you ever seen a couple and wondered how they got together? How is it this incongruent couple seems so happy? If you have ever experienced infidelity, a relationship breakup, feeling insecure about sharing your desires or felt that you were not being heard or seen, keep reading.

Understanding a man is not a hairy version of a woman is key to understanding how to engage and expand his attraction strategy towards you and to want to keep going back for more. By default, the more you are in your feminine energy, the more he will be in his masculine energy. If you decide to go into your masculine energy, those around you have to go into their feminine energy. Take advantage of this ecology when you are with your man.


It is a myth that a woman should never approach a man. There are ways this can be initiated without taking the ‘hunt’ away. Men enjoy the pursuit and chase of a woman. It excites their senses and inflames desire. It engages the primal aspects of their being. By making a simple unexpected and hidden compliment, you now have his undivided attention. As an example. If he is muscular, don’t talk about how fit it looks. Everyone does that. If you compliment the dedication and the character of someone who has the fortitude and discipline to continue on the journey, this is unique. After making your compliment or similar gesture, continue on your way enjoying yourself and speaking with other friends. Now it is in his ‘courtship’ to begin the chase.

Engage to drive him wild

Driving a man wild is not primarily about how you look, tactics in how you engage and so forth. It is who are you being in your feminine energy that makes him feel more like a man. As an example, with couples #dancing, the common consensus is a man leads, however, if a woman does not agree to dance, how can he lead? It is by consent he is able to feel more powerful and ‘manly.’ In conversation and activities always look for ways to position the environment so he is able to step into and be in that role. The more you create the environment for this, the more he is able to be the foundation of manhood you also crave to be fully a woman. Men always gravitate to situations that will enable them to feel more like a man.


There are specific things you can do and say that will enable a man to feel celebrated. For instance, when you share with him, What a ‘man’ he is. These kinds of comments encourage him to do more of the behaviors that push all of the buttons which can put you both in a heated, passionate frenzy for one another. Let him know how safe you feel just at the thought of him. This statement feeds his need to protect you from the ‘sabre-tooth tiger’ that is trying to eat his family.  If you know your partner is really into you, let him know how unfortunate other women are because they do not get to have him the way you do. This is similar to ‘marking one’s territory.’ Again, the more he feels like a man around you, the more his pleasure and focus is on you.

Drive him wild in his heart and mind first for everything else to follow. Also, do not feel this is one-sided; as you focus on him, by default, he will do the same with you. Women will sometimes make the mistake of thinking or saying, If he really loved me, he would just know what I need and do it. This is a huge, huge mistake. Men are not wired that way. The only way he will know is if you tell him. When you do, he is forever yours every time you do.