5 Steps on How to Deal with Emotional Pain from Break up

5 Steps on How to Deal with Emotional Pain from Break up

Ugh, another breakup! We all went through; the pain is real and equivalent to the physical pain. Your body hurts in places that you didn’t even know you can feel pain, your mind can’t focus on anything real around you, and you have a hard time to create just a simple smile. You might feel angry, sad, frustrated, or completely empty. The pain is real, but how do deal with it?


  • Take a deep breath and I mean it literally. Lots of people stop breathing when they feel anxious and are in pain. If you feel that the pain is coming and you feel the big heavy pressure, let your body know that you are ok with taking a deep breath. Try to count to 3 with a deep inhale and count to 3-5 when you exhale. This is a natural signal to your body that you are not in danger and everything will be just fine. Use it anytime, anywhere and anyplace, it will help you to go through your day easier.


  • Focus on good qualities you have. Many people start blaming themselves for the breakup and what they could have done differently. Creating more pain to themselves by just thinking about all the qualities they wish they had and didn’t create a loving relationship. These negative thoughts are feeding your pain and creating more a stressful environment for you. Write down three qualities that you own and that you are proud of, those qualities define, your unique you.


  • Share your pain. Holding your own pain inside the body causes even greater pain. Share your pain with a best friend, family; write a journal or all above. The more you share, the less the pain will feel important, until one day it won’t be there. This doesn’t happen overnight but it’s a good healing process. Create your safety zone and surround yourself with people who care for you.


  • Focus on something that makes you happy. Have you always wanted to make a trip to Antelope Canyon? Now is the time, plan a fantastic trip, there is no limitation to your new adventures. Or find a new hobby – photography,, reading,  or painting? The world offers unlimited options, use them. Focusing on something positive will change your thoughts and makes you feel better, and release stress.


  • Move your body. Yoga, dancing, or hiking? Which one speaks to you? When you move your body, your heartbeat gets faster and released endorphins that will make you feel good. Make a difference in the way you feel and even though all this still will take little time, you will be a step closer to feel better every day.


Sometimes people come to our lives and sometimes they leave. Hang in there, feelings take time to process but definitely, it will get better. I promise.

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