6 Amazing Date Nights Out During Holidays

Christmas season is one of the most amazing time for dating.  The scenery during the holidays is already set up for romance, coziness and creating unforgettable dates.

To help you plan some unforgettable dates during holidays, here are ideas for Amazing Date Nights Out During Holidays:

1. Visit the Local Christmas Tree

Create a magical moment and visit your local town Christmas Tree- at this time of the year, the tree is full of lights, provides a wintery landscape, and the music in the air produces romantic moments.

The Christmas tree is one of my most favorite memories from childhood and this is why my heart always melts and brings me feelings of something familiar, warm, and beautiful. As a child, my brother and I always sat under the tree, told each other stories, made wishes, and dreamed about our next adventure. Sitting under the tree next to a cozy fireplace can take one back to the childhood days when dreaming/wishing was a common past time and sometimes those wishes did come true.

The Christmas tree will set you in an amazing mood for your date night out and you will be able to share unforgettable moments…

2. Ice Skating

Nothing is better than creating great laughs and supporting a bond between each other while ice skating. Not only you can show your date that you have great artistic skills but you can hold on tight to each other.

I love this date night idea because I also love to see if my date is not afraid to make a fool out of yourself and is game for anything. Like in life, even if you are not sure what you are doing, it is important to try new things out and laugh, when things do not work out. Almost everyone who ice skates falls – so do not lose hope.

And after the event, don’t forget your hot cocoa to enhance the experience.

3.Watch your Favorite Christmas Movies Together

A cozy night under one blanket while watching your favorite Christmas movie is the ideal magical pill for any relationship.

Everyone has just that special movie that they watch every Christmas, so why not to watch it with someone you can share something personal about you.

Some ideas for classic Christmas movies include:
– Home Alone
– The Grinch
– Love Actually
– National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation
– A Charlie Brown Christmas

And instead of popcorn, try some hot apple cider with cinnamon!

4. Nutcracker or Christmas Carol

Do you feel like you need something little more classical and bring more of Christmas spirit into your date night out?

I still remember my first visits to the opera houses and was amazed by breathtaking stories, the romantic music, spirit and of course, the atmosphere of love in the air.

This timeless holiday tradition creates an unforgettable experience for your night out.

5. Volunteer Together for a Good Cause

If you are trying to make sure that you choose the right partner to be with, plan one unexpected date night out. On this special night out, do something that touches the hearts of others. Buy a homeless person a Christmas dinner or pay for someone’s grocery or better still, visit some people in nursing homes and provide them with a small gift. This act alone will make you stand on top of the world.

When I was young, I helped out at the kitchen for homeless people and it was great joy to see them eat something hot and decent. This experience always reminds me how fortunate I was growing up as a kid and today, I encourage everyone to give a little of yourself to others.

This type of charity when done from your heart, will make anyone fall in love with you- try it!

6. Baking cookies

Create togetherness by spending time in the kitchen. Holidays like Christmas is the time to make your favorite recipes.  Get your date to help you out in the kitchen.   Find great Gingerbread cookies recipes here.

Christmas is the time to spice up your date night out!

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