8 Secrets for Confidence to Date Successfully

8 Secrets for Confidence to Date Successfully

“Confidence comes with maturity, being more accepting of yourself.”  ~  Nicole Scherzinger

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Turn fears into new opportunities, get out of your comfort zone
  3. Allow yourself to be the person that you’ve always wanted to be
  4. Be in a position to inspire someone else
  5. Set new goals and remain ambitious
  6. Take new opportunities
  7. Achieve your dreams  
  8. Love and own your flaws


Confidence is within us all, bring it to the surface, it is the most important thing that will help you date successfully!


A letter from one of you…

Why I don’t date.

I am not able to develop any “romance” with the ladies that I dance with at the club because all of them think that we are just friends. I cannot talk to the girls at the Gym, because they will think that I want to have sex with them, and they are so busy with their iPods. I cannot approach a girl on the street and tell her that I just like her, that she is beautiful, and I would like to invite her out for a drink because she will get scared or will tell me that she has a boyfriend. Similarly, I cannot give a flower to any girl because she will think that I might want something from her… What else..? I cannot invite any co-workers for a date because sooner or later I will be accused of sexual harassment at work and will be fired… So, it seems to me like online dating is the only option..? However, it is also hopeless because these dates look like an interview, where I am being forced to present myself from my best perspective.”


From Lucie:

I see that this is a common feeling amongst us! But, all I hear is “I CAN’T”. I know that dating is hard and I know that it is nerve wrecking to ask a woman out. But let’s start with confidence. Change your negative words with positive ones: I’m able to, I can talk, I can approach, I can invite…. You might say, it is easier said than done but think back to the time as a kid when you were standing at the edge of the swimming pool and you were afraid to jump in? Now, think back to how that jump felt when all the water splashed around you? All you had to do was give it a try, convince yourself that YOU CAN! It really is all about changing your attitude, getting out of your comfort zones, taking the jump and date with confidence!


The key to successful dating is to date with confidence!

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