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  • 5 Rules For Dating

    5 Rules For Dating

    Want to know what to do better when it comes to dating? See a list of Rules For Dating that makes a difference in your dating journey … If you’re a single person who is ready to get out there and start dating with the right rules in place, you can maximize your potential for finding…

  • What Women Want – Myth vs. Reality

    What Women Want – Myth vs. Reality

    Many of my clients ask me, “What do women want?” It always brings a big smile to my face because they expect the answer to be complicated. The desire behind this loaded question is to find a meaningful relationship and stop spinning the wheel with unsuccessful connections. But what is the secret? And how hard…

  • The Relationship Happiness Myth

    The Relationship Happiness Myth

    Happiness Myth Introduction: Right from the time when we were kids, we would fantasize about our futures and how bright they would be. We would utilize the power of our young, wild imaginations, which had no barriers, to dream of a perfect life— a life with a stunningly beautiful partner, adorable kids, tremendous career achievements,…