What Women Want – Myth vs. Reality

What Women Want – Myth vs. Reality

Many of my clients ask me, “What do women want?” It always brings a big smile to my face because they expect the answer to be complicated. The desire behind this loaded question is to find a meaningful relationship and stop spinning the wheel with unsuccessful connections. But what is the secret? And how hard it is to actually crack the code and understand a woman’s heart? Read on! You might be surprised by the answer to this age-old question.

There are many modern dating myths out there that men fall victim to. Let’s cover some of these myths and what you need to know about them:

Myth: All Women want a man with a lot of money. 

There might be women like that out there but this certainly does not apply to all women. While some may appreciate lavish gifts, there are many amazing women out there who would rather just spend quality time with you than have you spend money on them. We all have our own love language, and you should focus on women whose love language resonates with you and the values you are looking for. Ask yourself what women you are focusing on and who you are giving attention to.

Myth: All women want only good-looking men.

We all have different tastes, and the truth is that not everyone will be attracted to you. It is a simple fact for everyone, men and women alike. The key is not to focus on what you don’t have, but to enhance what you do have and take good care of yourself. Many women spend hours on their appearance—they wear flattering clothes, have their hair done, wear makeup and perfume, etc. Sometimes men forget to tend to their appearance in that way. But trust me when I say that every woman appreciates a man who knows how to take care of himself, dresses sharp, and smells nice. I’m smiling just thinking about it!

Myth: All women only want to date men of the same race, religion, etc.

This is absolutely not true for many women. There are a variety of people in the world who are incredibly attractive, and you can find an ideal partner from all cultures, faiths, and walks of life. Again, we all have dating preferences, but not everyone is the same. Many women have open hearts, and who you are as a person is more important to them than where you were born or what religion you practice. The way you treat her and the connection you share with her is what matters. 

Dating myths are created when we fall for the wrong people, when we’ve been hurt, or when we simply don’t trust ourselves. Don’t allow your own mind to hold you back; start changing those limiting beliefs So, what’s the answer to the question of what women really want?

They want you to be yourself. 

It is very attractive when a man knows himself and is certain about his goals and values. Confidence will take you a long way, and many women will want to get to know more about you if you project that confidence. Live your own life and stay true to yourself, and you will attract many amazing women.


They want to feel your masculine energy.

Women want to feel comfortable in their feminine energy, so it is important that you use your masculine energy to help make a connection with them. Mastering your own energy takes time, but it is a lifelong investment, and she will appreciate every moment spent with you and crave more.

They want to have an emotional connection with you.

A woman wants to share her feelings with you. She wants to be able to open up her heart to her deepest, most vulnerable place. She wants to feel that you are connected to her, that you listen, and are there for her when she needs you. It’s not a secret that women process many things on an emotional level, and therefore it is important for you to show up and be there for her. Women want to feel heard, they want to feel understood, and they want to know that they can trust you on a deeper level than anyone else.

So, what do women really want? They want you, and they want the best version of you. There are no secrets, surprises, or tricks. The big answer has been revealed, and it is up to you to decide what actions you are willing to take and if you want to put effort into personal growth.

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