The Bay Area Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

The Bay Area Single’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Single on Valentine’s Day?  V-day is a day of love, and while you might be spending this February 14th solo, don’t forget that love has endless options.


1. Spend time with your single friends.

When we talk about love, don’t forget about your closest friends. Single or not, Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate important people in your life, and the platonic love you have for your friends is worth celebrating. Take advantage of special events and promotions on restaurants and music or comedy shows!




2. Pamper yourself.

How about treating yourself to a foot massage in your favorite San Francisco day spa or a mud bath in Calistoga? Be creative and enjoy time with yourself doing things you love.





3. Do something unusual.

Strike up a conversation with a stranger or buy a coffee for the person behind you in line.





4. Give someone a compliment

Watch how you brighten their day. Love isn’t only about receiving: it’s also about giving.





5. Do an act of kindness.

Volunteer at a charity like Glide and St. Anthony’s or help your friend with a project he/she is working on.





6. Say yes to invites

Accept love from others and finally say yes to invitations you have been postponing for a while. Embrace you single life.







7. Be playful.

How about taking new photos for your dating profile or just taking a walk without a plan or destination?






8. Sign up for a new yoga, gym, or dance class and meet new people.

With many couples out on dates, you may get to enjoy the facilities more for yourself. Take advantage of the perks of being single.






9. Go back to an activity you haven’t done in a while.

Remember the things you used to love as a kid. What happened to your dream of becoming a musician or soccer player? It might be time to explore your old dreams and embrace your single life




10. And if everything else fails…

your local ice cream shop will have just the thing for you in many flavors 😉






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