Where to meet women?

This topic might be so clear to some and yet very confusing to others. This article is written for anyone who needs a couple of ideas about where to meet women. If you are reading this, I know that meeting women has been a challenge in your life, and there is no judgment. However, if you are willing to make small changes, and put work into your actions, this article will help you successfully meet more women.

So where to meet women?

The truth is that there are many options out there; you just need to find the ones that work for you and make you feel comfortable. There is a believe that it’s easy to meet women in crowded bar or nightclub, but that isn’t always the case! If you are not a “bar” person and the idea of meeting people there is more stressful than fun, then it is better to avoid them entirely. Meeting people should be fun, not frustrating. Find an activity that you are willing to try and sounds like you can can do.

Here is my list of places where to meet women:


A dance class could give you the chance to meet amazing women. This is probably my favorite option because as a dancer myself, I can confirm that it is very easy to meet people that way. Even if you are not a dancer! In a dance class, you learn the steps (as everyone else in the class), will rotate to dance with multiple partners, which provides a natural way to meet every single person in the room. There is no awkwardness or forced introductions because you simply follow directions from the dance instructor. And as a plus, you will learn something new! Some of you might say, “I don’t want to make a fool of myself.” But actually, being a little clumsy could open a couple of doors! Women might see it as endearing and appreciate your confidence and willingness to try. Give it a shot! As I said before, it won’t happen without you.


If dance classes sound a little too “out there” to you, another option is a place you’re most likely already visiting on a regular basis… the grocery store! Everyone has to go grocery shopping, so why not approach it as an opportunity to meet someone? The biggest mistake most of my clients make is that they focus only on the groceries and operate on the rule of “in and out.” But think about slowing down the process. When you walk inside, look around and notice every person; say hello, ask for advice, or help someone. The options are endless. Give yourself small, achievable goals you can try every week at the grocery store, like just talking to one new person each trip. It may seem strange at first, but breaking out of that “in and out” mentality can lead to meeting someone fantastic.


Find an event that interests you and you’ve always wanted to try. But please be mindful of it. There might not be many available women at the next Star Wars convention or football game, but women are more likely to join a hiking event, photography class, book reading, or cooking class. Consider events that attract women so you will find the crowd you are looking for. There are many events you can try; just do a little research and find something different that speaks to you. I have a client who went to a gallery opening and there she was. He was hesitant about approaching her at first, but when she gave him a shy smile he knew that it was his time to shine. The first step to your own chance at love may be as easy as opening your browser and searching “events near me.”


Who doesn’t want to meet a woman with a good heart? Volunteer opportunities provide other great places to meet women. Animal shelters, soup kitchens, highway clean up… just choose a cause that feels right to you, and you’ll find others there with similar values. When people are connected with an activity like this, it is very easy to engage in conversation. All you need to do is say: “Hi, I’m David. Why did you sign up to volunteer?” And not only will you get the chance to meet your fellow volunteers, but you will also get satisfaction from doing work that is important to you. I used to volunteer a lot and one day I decided to volunteer at building a home. They got me a hammer and nails and said, “Good luck.” I met amazing people that day and I was very proud of my accomplishments, and it is not always about the end goal; sometimes it’s about the fun process.


I have to mention online dating, but I know some of you might not have been successful there. But remember, women are there and there is no doubt about that. If you didn’t get a match online your first time trying it, it doesn’t mean that women are not there or that nobody is attracted to you. It means that you have to put more work into your dating profile and make it stronger. I’m not going to lie, you have probably 3-5 seconds to convince someone that they should connect with you. The stakes are high, but I assure you that making a match online is possible with the right profile. You can always connect with me for dating advice or follow my online dating guide by clicking here.


Going to the gym or participating in outdoor exercises like jogging or cycling can provide you with many opportunities to meet women while also getting fit! Focus on creating a healthy lifestyle and you’ll find that you will attract like-minded, active people. Yes, it is that simple and if you don’t believe me, try it for yourself! I was just reading a short memo that said, “Being big is hard, being fit is hard. Choose your hard!” What will you choose today? Everything you do is a choice and the choice depends on you.

Where to meet women?

I probably didn’t share anything new with you; you’ve already known all these places to meet women, but here is the most important question you should ask yourself: What is stopping you? There are probably challenges that you are personally dealing with. If you need more help, connect with me and I would be happy to support you.