101 Ways to Improve Personal Relationships

relationship tips 101

While all relationships are unique, there are some commonalities and behaviors that will improve relationships. These relationship tips are not new concepts but sometimes, the most simple and obvious items seem to be the most difficult to master.  

We’ve compiled our list of relationship Do’s and Don’ts that help bring you a lasting, healthy relationship. Remember: Always use these relationship tips in moderation.

Improve your relationships At Work

relationship tips
  1. Do not walk away from a discussion
  2. Forgive faults and move on (don’t hold grudges )
  3. Practice awareness of your own emotions
  4. Regulate negative feelings and reactions
  5. Learn to pick your battles
  6. Don’t “hit below the belt” during a heated argument
  7. Learn to communicate feelings without judgment
  8. Avoid feeling defensive
  9. Steer clear of blaming
  10. Apologize when at fault
  11. Learn to differentiate reminding from nagging
  12. Choose carefully when to give advice
  13. Learn from past arguments
  14. Don’t make promises you can’t keep
  15. Do not avoid conflicts
  16. Follow through with commitments
  17. Be patient—change doesn’t happen overnight
  18. Maintain eye contact
  19. Be open to possibilities and opportunities
  20. Maintain good communication
  21. Work on your verbal and non-verbal communication skills

At Home

relationship - couple
  1. Maintain positive views about your loved ones
  2. Give and ask for feedback
  3. Plan a vacation
  4. Set realistic expectations
  5. Give a compliment on a daily basis
  6. Show appreciation, particularly for small things
  7. Consistently make time for friends and family
  8. Respect people’s privacy
  9. Be transparent and avoid withholding key details
  10. Share internal experiences
  11. Show your affection
  12. Don’t break confidentiality
  13. Don’t try to change any individual
  14. Change for self-improvement, not to suit someone’s preferences
  15. On emotional baggage: Don’t hold your past against anyone
  16. Resolve small issues before they blow out of proportion
  17. Don’t take your relationships for granted
  18. Maintain a healthy sex life
  19. Talk about sex and express your desires to your partner
  20. Consider others’ needs without sacrificing yours
  21. Share your personal your dreams and passions
  22. Be supportive of your loved ones’ dreams even when you don’t share the same interest
  23. Motivate others to pursue a goal
  24. Utilize active listening
  25. Stay updated with activities that your loved ones are currently engaged in
  26. Remember and pay attention to details about loved ones’ lives
  27. Be present and enjoy every moment
  28. Acknowledge people’s points and try to understand where they are coming from
  29. Understand your own insecurities and take a step to change them

Improve your relationships with Your Social Circles

relationship tips - social
  1. Look for common interests with people around you
  2. Compromise
  3. Give others personal space if they need it
  4. Dress up for special occasions
  5. Celebrate simple victories and milestones
  6. Spend quality time with important people in your life
  7. Manage your insecurities and jealousy
  8. Be consistent—treat your loved ones as if it were your last day with them
  9. Develop a sense of security—make each other feel safe
  10. Make an effort to get to know people
  11. Be playful and engaging and improve relationships
  12. Maintain healthy social relationships
  13. Make time for your social life despite your busy work schedule
  14. Sustain your current connections through a simple text or a phone call
  15. Keep away from toxic friends or encounters
  16. Volunteer for a cause you care about
  17. Attend networking events and social gatherings
  18. Host an event or invite people out
  19. Reconnect with old friends or colleagues
  20. Recognize differences in beliefs and preferences
  21. Practice self-compassion


  1. Speak up for yourself
  2. Strengthen self-confidence
  3. Build your self-esteem
  4. Take a break from the daily work and home routine for genuine “me-time”
  5. Set your physical and emotional boundaries
  6. Pursue what makes you happy and excited
  7. Don’t rely on others for your own happiness
  8. Maintain a self-care regimen
  9. Develop self-love
  10. Laugh and smile more
  11. Avoid dismissive non-verbal cues (e.g. rolling your eyes)
  12. Send a thoughtful message to people you care for
  13. Be careful with what you share online
  14. Avoid emotional build-ups
  15. Maintain a positive attitude
  16. Set a time to disconnect from your phone and other gadgets
  17. Say hello to everyone that you come in contact with
  18. Be independent
  19. Pay attention
  20. Be reliable
  21. Stay fit and healthy
  22. Maintain your own hobbies
  23. Always keep your sense of humor
  24. Educate yourself
  25. Have an interesting lifestyle
  26. Know your own imperfections and accept them
  27. Face your own insecurities
  28. Release anger in a healthy way i.e. through sports or other physical activities
  29. Find a way to relax your mind and body
  30. Set goals for yourself and follow through

This list of how to improve relationships tips but it is not a rule book.  Overall, it is a comprehensive guide to help maintain meaningful relationships with people you care about. Thread carefully, then take what applies to your unique situation.  Work your way towards a healthier, more satisfying connections and creating attraction.