Dating and Relationships: Four Steps of Attraction

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These 4 simple steps to increase attraction will help you match with better suited dates and build a more meaningful dating life

1. Show your confidence

Confidence is very important because it shows your natural energy. One of the ways to raise your confidence is by valuing yourself and recognizing know who you are. When you have self-confidence, you are more likely to communicate your feelings honestly and openly without fear of being judged or rejected. Believe in yourself, you have to remember that you are enough. You are worthy of a relationship, no matter what your past experiences may be. Remind yourself on a daily basis of all the great things about you and why someone would be lucky to date you.

2. Allow them to connect with you

Allow them to show you who they are. Dating is also about the other person and giving them a space to shine. Are they curious about you? Are they sharing something meaningful with you? Is their energy fun to be around? And most importantly, can they be vulnerable around you? Be patient and give them the opportunity to show you that. Establish a sense of comfort and familiarity between you two. Make sure to practice actively listening that shows you care about what they have to say. Remember, getting to know someone on a date is not just about impressing them but also learning who they are and whether or not you could have a connection with them.

3. Conversation

Strike up engaging conversations that will help you get to know one another better and build deeper connections. Good conversation can spark meaningful conversations, provide insight into each other’s personalities, and even increase your chemistry with one another. By engaging in conversations that allow you to learn more about the other person, you can determine if this is someone with whom you would like to pursue a relationship and if so, how best to do it. Build trust with your date and find common ground, share yourself, ask open ended questions, and show interest. As the conversation progresses, use lighthearted banter to keep things fun and interesting.

4. Escalation

Escalate to make sure the other person knows that you are interested and that you find them sexually attractive. A lot of people do make a mistake and avoid this step while dating. It is important to read your partner’s body language, understand their comfort level, and listen for verbal cues that indicate when it is time to move things further along. Make sure to use positive body language, such as leaning in and maintaining eye contact, while making reassuring statements that will help your partner open up. When it comes to physical escalation, be light and gentle — avoid sudden or aggressive movements that may startle or make your partner feel uncomfortable. Escalation should be fun and playful.

It’s important to remember that attraction doesn’t always develop right away, and it may take some time for people to truly get to know each other before they feel a strong attraction.

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