3 Tips about Social Media and Dating

3 Tips about Social Media and Dating

What you should remember about social media and dating

Clean up your page
What do you want to show your new dates? Remember the one picture you took when you were drunk and all your friends had a good time chatting about it? Oh yeah, we all have one of those, but maybe it’s not the best representation of who we are and might be off-putting to a new potential match. Check your social media privacy settings before you jump into dating. Set your profile to “private” and make sure pictures like this are only revealed later once you get to know each other.

Stay away from social media platforms before the first date
Really; no online snooping. You don’t have to find out everything about your date right at that moment. Life is a beautiful mystery, and attraction happens more naturally without the crutch of social media anyway. Learn about each other, explore, and create something stronger. Don’t pass judgments too soon.

Avoid the status change
Do not change your status to “in a relationship” right away. Wait and build real commitment between you and your partner. Not every moment needs to end up on social media. Rather, spend more time together and connect on a deeper level than just the superficial social media one..

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