How to Make Yourself More Approachable and Less Intimidating.

Are you one of those women who men label strong and intimidating?

You are intimidating” You’ve heard it so many times, and even though you thought that in that moment you were relaxed and friendly, men still feel nervous around you. At this point, I can tell that you are a very confident woman, you are not afraid of challenges, and you know who you are. Those are amazing traits! But you are still single and looking for love? Let’s take a closer look on actions you can take today to find a loving partner.


Think about how you show up, and how others see you. You might think you are very approachable and friendly but your face might say something else. You know you’re a strong woman, but how does others see you?  The beauty of being of a strong woman is that you know how to use your power wisely. Use your feminine energy around men and allow them to approach you. The key is to be open, complementary, and avoid trying to “win” or “prove” anything.

David: “I definitely find women without a smile intimidating because they can be unpredictable and unemotional.”

Trying too hard

You want to be in control, and you want to take charge because you feel that nothing will happen if you don’t take action. You’ve been taught that if you want it, ask for it or work for it hard. And yes, that works in many cases, but remember that it also might intimidate men. You might say: “If he can’t handle me, he has no place with me.” However, the truth is that you might scare away a good man with that sort of attitude. I see it all the time; women can be very aggressive when they see a guy they care for, but that aggressive behavior takes away his masculine energy and makes him less likely to ask you out. Leave the leadership to him, and you just enjoy the ride.

Marc: “ Female strength is intimidating to most men because men tend to want to be the leader in the relationship…”

Too independent

As an independent woman, you would rather do it than just wait for someone to do it for you.  This trait also have the tendency to intimidate others.  You handle work with excellence, carry yourself with pride, manage your finances, your household, your schedules… and many people admire you for what have you accomplished. You are very proud of yourself, yet you are missing a man in your life. Why? Because you are not allowing him to be in your life. When you act like you don’t need anyone or anything, he can’t imagine how to fit himself in the picture, and he feels that it would be impossible to keep up with you. Yes, I know you want an alpha male… but even that guy doesn’t want to compete with you!

Adam: “I usually find women who describe themselves as ‘independent’ most intimidating because I feel like I am constantly trying to prove that she should keep hanging out with me, that I need to justify her spending time with me.”

Lastly, use your smile, take a deep breath and just enjoy the moment. You’ll be surprised how the energy will shift in him when you’re relaxed in his company and he can focus on connecting with you.

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