Is it true that women want bad boys?

Are women really drawn to dating bad boys? While it might surprise you, the answer is actually NO! No woman wants a man who will disrespect her or a man who plays the field and avoids commitment.

“ However, it’s true that bad boys have certain qualities that are appealing to women. I would like to take a closer look at this question and what might be hidden behind the “bad boy” title: the traits that bad boys have that women are attracted to and what you can learn from them.  
  • Confidence. Bad boys are not afraid to show who they are and naturally express self-respect. Many women find this sort of confidence sexy because it shows a lot of masculine energy. There is nothing sexier than knowing yourself and feeling good about it. Find your strength and express it! Bad boys don’t question themselves:  if they want to ask a pretty woman out, they go for it!
  • Charm. They are masters of their own behavior and the way they treat women they’re dating. A bad boy’s charm comes from small gestures, such as looking into a woman’s eyes and showing his appreciation for her company. Bad boys are present in the moment.  When dating, they always make their woman feel that she matters. They’ve got savoir faire in spades.
  • A full social life. Bad boys know lot of people.  Their social lives are full of adventure. There is no single weekend when they aren’t out doing something exciting. They welcome every opportunity to try new things and have multiple hobbies and interests. Overall, a busy social life creates a bad boy’s personality and shapes the behavior that makes them more charming, confident, and connected to others.
  • A stimulating personality. Dating bad boys are like a challenge for women. A women doesn’t feel bored when she’s with him because no two days with him are ever the same. They are are not afraid to say “I dare you,” to add some mystery to the relationship and keep a woman guessing. They know that women don’t like men who are needy or clingy but prefer men who are exciting and can hold a woman’s interest.
  • Physical presence. They use touch as their most powerful weapon. It is a learned skill that needs to be well-balanced. Too much touching can be seen as creepy, and no touching can be interpreted as a lack of interest. But bad boys know just when to employ a casual touch, such as a guiding hand on a woman’s back or a protective arm around her shoulders, to turn a spark of attraction into a flame.  A bad boy can make a woman feel more connected to him by using his physical presence, and when done right, this sort of physical escalation can cement the bond between two people and create the necessary energy to move the relationship forward.

If you want a meaningful relationship with a woman, you don’t want to become a real bad boy. But you can take a page from their book by learning these attractive “bad boy” qualities while still respecting women.

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