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Hongi as a demonstration of deep, purposeful connection

Deep Connection With 6 Senses

By Luvidya / October 21, 2019 /

In school, we learn that human beings have sight, taste, touch, hearing and smell as the senses by which we navigate our world. Rarely, do we discuss our #sixthsense which has been described as our…

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3 Steps to Drive Him Wild

3-Steps To Drive Him Wild

By Luvidya / October 14, 2019 /

We are going to uncover the most effective way of being for you to drive your man #wild. Have you ever seen a couple and wondered how they got together? How is it this incongruent…

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How Specific Scents Can Connect You Deeper With Your Partner

How Your Scent Says Yes Or No

By Luvidya / September 30, 2019 /

The olfactory system is functional at 12 weeks of gestation (Schal, Marlier, and Soussignan, 1998; Winberg and Porter, 1998). Research has demonstrated our preference for certain scents is a learned behavior and usually hardwired by…

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dating - matchmaker

Why You Should Work with a Matchmaker

By Luvidya / June 5, 2019 /

Dating in San Francisco should be easier with all of its year-round singles events and dating apps. But the more digitally connected we are, the more disconnected we seem to be.  Finding and keeping a…

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Is it true that women want bad boys?

By Luvidya / October 14, 2018 /

Are women really drawn to dating bad boys? While it might surprise you, the answer is actually NO! No woman wants a man who will disrespect her or a man who plays the field and…

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matchmaker's dating database

Dating and Relationships: Four Steps of Attraction

By Luvidya / September 15, 2018 /

These 4 simple steps to increase attraction will help you match with better suited dates and build a more meaningful dating life   1. YOU Show your worth through confidence, healthy lifestyle, social skills; humor,…

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Dancing into a Relationship

By Luvidya / April 4, 2018 /

Can dancing be the answer to finding a new partner? Here’s what you need to know…   Dancing is like a relationship where you have fun, learn to trust, boundaries, non-verbal communication and learning to…

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What does it mean to love..

By Luvidya / February 18, 2018 /

I met her almost 22 years ago and I talked to her once. I moved to California from Mexico and started my new life in the US. Last year, I found her on Facebook, I…

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4 Ways to Recognize a Narcissist

By Luvidya / August 16, 2017 /

There are more people who can relate to the story I’m about to tell you. We may not be aware, but you could be dating a narcissist, or someone with the tendency to be one.…

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What if I am dating someone whose parents do not agree with interracial dating?

By Luvidya / August 1, 2017 /

“Obstacles created by interracial dating were the worst moments of my life. It was very sad and depressing time. I felt frustrated and there were times that I thought nothing would change…”   Asit and…

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