The Bay Area Dating Mindset: When Did Dating Stop Being Fun?

The Bay Area Dating Mindset: When Did Dating Stop Being Fun?

I recently heard this claim about dating in the San Francisco Bay Area:

“The dating game is all about looks, height, and social status.”


I would agree that dating apps have made dating more superficial in some circumstances.  We tend to focus on how good looking our potential dates are. Are they tall enough? Do their status can compare to ours? Dating apps can pull the wool over our eyes and make us blind to what is really important.  Whether we realize it or not, dating in the San Francisco Bay Area seem to have come to this. In reality, dating is about the attraction that comes from a great conversation, the way someone treats you or if they simply make you laugh.


Stay Positive

If you go on dates with a negative mindset believing that every person you meet is only looking for an arm candy, then you have an unlikely chance of making any connection. Negative opinions or judgments that you carry with you will hold you back from allowing a good person to enter your life. Remember the saying, “You attract what you offer.” This will bring people into your life who have the same mindset as you do. You have to start with yourself if you want to attract the right person and check your own mindset about dating.


Imagine that dating is like playing soccer.  If you come to the game with a bad attitude and complain about how unfair the game will be, you’ll be too distracted by your negative thoughts.  If you walk onto the field with good sportsmanship, putting your best foot forward, you will have a much better chance of scoring and winning the game. But even if you don’t, your experience will be much better.


Have Fun

Remember, dating should be a fun and enjoyable process. There are a lot of challenges when it comes to dating. But it is always good start with creating a healthy and positive mindset. Don’t let past dating flops hold you back from finding a loving partner. Be ready to enjoy life and be ready for any adventure. With a positive mindset, your Bay Area dating experience will be much more enjoyable.  You will naturally begin to connect with people who have the same beautiful mind as you do.


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2 responses to “The Bay Area Dating Mindset: When Did Dating Stop Being Fun?”

  1. True, it does not have to be all about attraction; but when it is unidirectional, she won’t have to see his face when she hides it behind her. If he is truly attracted, that is all he will need from her presence. She can then speak with him from any distance, even from opposite sides of the world, and maintain that earned intimacy. Alternately, even if the attraction is mutual, she may still hide his face. This is the kind of advice we need more of.

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