5 Steps to Overcome Stressful Dating

dating burnout

Overwhelmed or burned out by dating?  Here are five (5) steps to help you de-stress.

Trying to balance work, friends, and social life can get really overwhelming at times. When you actually find the time and energy to go out on dates, they tend to be disappointing or downright frustrating. We’ve all been there.  Dating can be stressful under these circumstances.  You may think that dating isn’t as fun as it used to be. Or maybe it was never really fun for you.

The uncertainty, awkward first dates, mixed signals, and miscommunication may make you wonder if it’s even worth it. Stress and frustration have their way of manifesting through things you say or do. This could be preventing you from connecting with people you’re dating. Look for the source. If it’s personal or work-related, then this might not be the best time for you to be dating.

If you’re feeling overwhelmed by dating itself, here are five steps you can take to de-stress:

Take a break from dating

You’re allowed to take a break. Always remember to date at your own pace and on your own terms. Don’t push yourself to the limits where dating becomes stressful.  Enjoy your life: have a great social life with friends and family, learn a new skill, travel, or join a group or club that you like. Take dating out of the equation.

Break free from your daily routine

Our daily routines can sometimes put us in our own little world that no one else can enter. Too much day-to-day repetition can be isolating. Change something little in your daily routine; it can be as small as changing your coffee shop, attending happy hour with coworkers, or just simply taking a walk after work. This can help you break out of your inner world and make you more receptive to meeting new people.

Wake up with a new mindset

Let go of stressful thoughts not meeting the right person. Come up with things you can look forward to every day. These can be ordinary things you tend to take for granted. In the morning, start your day with an exciting thought—look forward to who you will meet today, enjoy the smell of fresh coffee, or simply anticipate the surprise that’s in store for you today.

Laugh louder, smile bigger

When was the last time you laughed? Have you shared a joke with your friends recently? Have you told a loved one about the amazing experience you had? Spend some “me” time to reflect on things that bring you peace and happiness. Share these with loved ones, friends, or even strangers. People are naturally drawn to a person with a happy outlook and positive attitude.

It’s ok to find dating stressful.  We all go through this at some point. Work your way out of it. Start with small steps. Take a break and take as much time as you need. Not everything can be accomplished in a day. Be patient but open to new opportunities. And when you are ready, start dating with confidence.