Why Some People Choose to Date Younger?

Why is it that the opposite sex is choosing to date younger?

Let’s assume that frequent high energy sex is the main reason. It is said to be true that the younger in age means the higher the sex drive. We’d like to believe that this is what singles are going after when they choose to date someone younger. BUT you’d be surprised that sex is not at the top of this list. When choosing to date younger there are many other factors and characteristics. The reasons may vary between men and women but the core essentials are the same.  Here I’ll give you the 7 secrets to the “Fountain of Youth”:


Younger people have a great amount of excitement, passion, and energy to accomplish things in life. They possess a strong belief in being able to change the world for a better place. It is the life drive that they offer that makes daily life exciting.

Younger people are not focused on the problems that they have but rather they see the excitement in things around them. “I would love to see the world; I’m dreaming of seeing Africa this summer; I’m also training for a running marathon.” When in your early 20s and 30s there is a lot of thrill in finding yourself, learning to know what you love and what you don’t can be a fun process once you’ve gone through your ups and downs.

There’s a lot of excitement in finishing college, finding a career, learning new crafts and trades as well as just exploring and figuring out life. When dating someone younger, you now take that on and get to experience this joy too. Whether 20 or 50, set some new goals in life, find a new hobby, pick up a new language, engage in something exciting that you can then experience with a partner.

What are some goals and passions that you can share with your partner?


I’ve recently heard a single woman say: “Older women will not keep up with their (man’s) BS; this is why men date younger women”. The honest answer to this is, if you are not willing to give love and care to your partner, you will never get it back. You are insinuating that you won’t accept that person for who they are and are not willing to give your love. I agree that every person needs to have certain boundaries where they feel comfortable in a relationship, but the negative attitude is what separates you from a loving partner. Love, a willingness to give, and acceptance are key to a prosperous relationship and this is what a younger people give with open hearts.


As we grow older we get caught up in life’s responsibilities but rarely are we caught up with our partner. Since most people in their 20s don’t really hold many responsibilities, when in a relationship their partner becomes that pleasant responsibility for them, quickly becoming a key part of their life and always making that known. Whether it’s a Good morning or Good Night text, random phone calls and cute photos, wanting to cook dinner together, wanting to come over just to cuddle, or simply always asking “How are you doing today?”.  

When you date a younger person, your significant other is the light of your life and love to express that so a majority of your love, care, time and effort is put into them. As we grow older we tend to let our stress and worries cloud our lives and minds. We forget to turn over in the mornings and look into partner’s eyes to tell them good morning. We’re often so tired from the day’s work that when you come home, you take your shoes off and forget to greet your partner with a kiss and big smile.

If wanting to be in a truly loving and caring relationship, you have to remember that you are no longer alone. Remember that as we get older and life takes it the course that there is beauty in sharing your life with someone. Sharing your love, light and knowing that you’ll always get love back. Learn what your partner loves and try to implement these things in your daily routine. Naturally, your partner will want to reciprocate. This is the beauty and key to holding a lasting and exciting relationship at any age.

What can you offer to your potential partner?


How do you spend your free time? At the gym or on the couch? At the beach or watching TV? Have you ever been camping? Would you rather go for a bike ride than a stroll in the park? How active are you? When was the last time you did something for the first time?

Yes, once we get older we feel we are too mature to engage in certain activities, but how true is that? Think back to all the fun and active things you did when you were in your 20s. Instead of reading a book at the beach we were playing volleyball and jumped in the ocean right after for a swim. Being active is a trait most people admire when from someone younger. When you date a younger person they are always getting you off your ass and/or telling you about the cool activities they’ve done with their friends over the weekend.

Don’t let your age limit you, it’s all a myth! You’re never too old to do anything. Get active and change your routine around a bit. A chic wine bar with a mellow ambiance is always nice, but let’s go dancing for a change! Walking the dog around the block and waving to your neighbors can be cool and relaxing but today let’s go to the dog park and attempt to teach your dog a new trick. Take a dance class, go roller skating, play paintball, get moving!

When was your last adventure? Go out on another one!


When you date younger in age, most of the time you become someone they look up to. Your accomplishments that you’ve gained with age inspires them. Once we get older we lose this, it becomes “been there, done that” and we’re not impressed by much anymore. The feeling of adoration is essential in a relationship. We all want to feel important and play a significant role to our partner. For a younger person who is dating older, everything is new and exciting and the adoration comes with big wonder-struck eyes. Don’t be afraid to stroke your partner’s ego, it is very sexy.

When was the last time you gave a compliment to your partner?


Many young people shake off their last break up and are ready to receive love again in just a matter of time. When we get older we have a hard time letting go, we hold on to our past and the reasons why we were hurt that we often come off as bitter. We have all been hurt before and we’ve all faced life’s challenges.

However, many will carry that baggage around for longer than they should. By carrying this hurt, you then carry them on dates and into your new relationship and it can show through conversation and body language spontaneously and subconsciously. This is why people to choose date younger, get inspired by their action. Do what you need to do to heal from own past tribulations. Let the beauty of new beginnings push you to let go of the past. Meeting someone new is a beauty in itself, see this a new treasure or gift you get to unwrap. Let the fresh pair of eyes sitting in front of you guide you into new love. You can choose to let the past hinder or let it go.

What did you do to heal your past?


The older we get it seems our standards grow with us. With that being said, it is believed that its easier to impress someone of a younger age.  Some people choosing to date younger because they appreciate effort more than quality, and that being because we have not experienced much.

As we get older we gain status, maturity, and experience which heightens our standards. We have all the qualities that our partners must possess in our heads because the last few didn’t have them. Now you’re just so sure that this is what the perfect person is for you and you’re not taking anything less than. We don’t want picnic dates, we want 5-star restaurants and you’re not dazzled by flowers & chocolate on Valentine’s Day anymore.We have to remember that whatever our partner decides to do for us, they are not obligated to. It’s always the thought that counts. We have to learn to appreciate the gestures others do for us whether we’ve experienced it before or not. Most importantly we must not limit ourselves with too high a standards, you may miss out on a great deal of love because of this.

What are you looking for in a partner? What are your standards?


Finally, older people to choose date younger because younger people hold a great deal of confidence. They’re loving their body, their mind, their attitude and the fact that their gaining intelligence. Confidence is sexy! Most singles who date younger people are attracted to confidence. Especially in today’s generation, the youth are accepting and expressing own self more. They’re learning to work with what they’ve got and helping their peers also see the beauty in their flaws. Be proud of who you are and love yourself deeply.

What do you love about yourself?

Do not blame someone for choosing to date younger person but rather learn their qualities and date like them!

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